“Enhanced” Graphics Engine reduces Eclipse damage by 83%

Warframe7 - "Enhanced" Graphics Engine reduces Eclipse damage by 83%

I spent an hour testing the effective damage buff that mirage gets from her Eclipse buff in the orb vallis during an entire cycle while standing still in one open spot.
This time around, I did it twice; once with the classic engine, once with the "enhanced" engine that was added two days ago.
The results are
bKOBb3G - "Enhanced" Graphics Engine reduces Eclipse damage by 83%

We observe the following relation: classic > 4 months ago > "enhanced"

The classic system gives higher buffs than 4 months ago, as measured in this post. We (Profit-Taker speedrunners) only picked up on this change three days ago as we normally don't run whenever we expect to get bad damage buffs. The buff may have been present since the first ensmallening update or update 29.2.0.

The classic system looks nice, but it will soon be replaced with the "enhanced" version, which will consistently give 83% damage less than the current version.
Put it another way, you get 6 times more damage by altering your graphics settings.
While this would probably eventually be fixed, this shows that Eclipse cannot continue to work as it currently does.
Over the course of 4 months Eclipse has been buffed and nerfed at least twice without DE even knowing or intending it.

There are a multitude of ways how DE can and perhaps should change the ability, as has already been suggested many times in different posts by a multitude of users. Here are some of these suggestions:

  1. Make Eclipse either give the full DR or give the full damage buff.
  2. If 1. is not adopted, update the UI to constantly show the current damage buff.
  3. If 1. is not adopted, at least make sure that you get a minimum of 50% DR and half the damage buff, then scale from there.
  4. Make Eclipse snapshot (remember) the buff, such that the light value when casting it is used to determine the buff for the remainder of the duration. Note that this already happens if you go invisible.
  5. Make Eclipse give the damage or DR buff based on her emissive color or make it a tap/hold ability (credits to
    Kolkpen - "Enhanced" Graphics Engine reduces Eclipse damage by 83%

Additionally, I would like to note that the augment mod
Prism Guard - "Enhanced" Graphics Engine reduces Eclipse damage by 83%

Prism Guard is not a proper solution. It's a band-aid, and a bad one at that.
Four seconds base duration means that with a reasonable 200% duration you still have to spend 1/4th of the time casting the ability to keep it up. This is not acceptable.
The additional energy upkeep for just trying to make Eclipse work puts the final nail in the coffin.

TL;DR: If the classic system gets replaced with the "enhanced" graphics engine in its current form, you lose 83% of the damage that you currently get with Eclipse. DE is buffing and nerfing the frame without knowing it and therefore should change how Eclipse works as a whole.

Method, data, links:

Forum crosspost

Last time's post

For those that may wonder what method I used to determine the results: I used the Profit-Taker to generate pylons which take object damage and stay stationary. I used Zenith to punch through the shields from a far enough distance so I could stay in roughly the same spot. I used an extinguished key so the pylons would survive long enough. The video (extremely boring and long) can be found here.

The data used to generate the
graph can be found
edit?usp=sharing - "Enhanced" Graphics Engine reduces Eclipse damage by 83%

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