Estimated Release: The Jovian Concord

Warframe7 - Estimated Release: The Jovian Concord

Warframe: The Jovian Concord should arrive next week on PC. We are working hard to hit this date and will let you know progress as the days go on. The Console release will follow as soon as it's ready to ship to Cert. By now you've seen a LOT of teases / walk throughs of parts of this update – too many? Not enough? It's a mystery.

Here's a recap of the top Additions / Changes you can expect so you have the bulk of information in one place:


  • Wisp is finally coming! Speed, Trickery, and Destruction are imminent. You can check out Wisp above in the header image we used for Devstream #126!
  • New Boss Fight – hint hint.
  • New Game Mode – Disruption

This mode has already changed a bit based on Devstream feedback. We plan to have more of a 'miniboss' role played by the new Amalgams to really make progress a challenge in this endless mode. Stay tuned.

This mode will also be locked behind key story progress to make sense in chronology.

We are planning to debut Disruption with an Operation – stay tuned on how that comes together.

  • Jupiter / Gas City Remaster – visuals and level design.

Emphasis on Parkour, more environment destruction, ambient enemies and more mysteries within for people who explore.

  • New Mods

15+ new Mods are coming that are all about Niche exploration for builds and playstyles. If you feel like branching out and changing combat consequences while you're aimgliding, wall latching, and more, these are the Mods for you!

  • New Weapons – 5 by our count right now! 3 Brand New, and 2 Operation Weapons…
  • Nyx Deluxe! What would an Update be without a hint of Cosmetics ;)?


  • Energy + Emissive Colour changes. We're adding separate Colour Customization to Warframe Emissives (2 slots with Forma) and Warframe Ability Energy (2 Slots with Forma) This is as a result of: https://forums.warframe.com/topic/1082887-de-response-inside-please-revert-emissive-texture-changes-introduced-in-u2470/page/2/?tab=comments#comment-10679681

  • 3 x Screen and Functionality Reworks.

Manage all Syndicates from your Orbiter, and fast travel to Simaris from your Orbiter.

Refine Relics WITHIN Endless missions as seen here (all functionality in place, working on presentation polish as we speak!) https://twitter.com/rebbford/status/1126201584399060992

  • Minor Arbitration Drop Chance changes: We've bumped the Ephemera and Aura Forma Chance in Arbitrations. ESO table review is next on our list to do but may not make this Update. We do not have major changes to Arbitration pacing right now, but we are still working on plans.

  • Random Mod Packs will officially be gone from the Market; replaced with themed sets with bonus Endo and Credits.

All this and more is hopefully coming in a week – thank you for your patience, Tenno! It's grown in scope quite a bit since the initial 'Gas City Remaster' pitch, and we hope you have fun with all the additions and changes. As always, the update be completely free to all Tenno – only costing about 3GB of hard drive space! If you have feedback, we'll have threads up for you after Launch. Iteration is important to bring you the best game possible, so we will be reading constructively posted feedback for changes after release.


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