Everything Must Go (Switch Only) (Warframe 1 million download special)

Warframe5 - Everything Must Go (Switch Only) (Warframe 1 million download special)

Hello nintenno! To celebrate Warframe 1 million download on switch, I will be giving out Primed Mods this time. How are they connected? You need 1 million credits to trade them! These are what I'm giving out-

While we are at it, why not giveaway some Corrupted Mods too?



  1. Any mastery rank is eligible!
  2. To enter, comment which giveaway you would like to enter (Corrupted/Primed choose 1), state your Mastery Rank and your favorite frame.
  3. Switch only
  4. If you win a primed mod, you will be given 1 week to farm for your 1 million credits.
  5. If there is no response from the winner in 3 days after winner announcement, I will select a new winner.
  6. If by the time of trading you don't have the credits needed, I will select a new winner.
  7. Winner will be announced by random after 24 hours.

That's it! This is probably my last giveaway but I still have a lot of stuff though. So if you see me online on Switch, shoot me an invite to your dojo and I will give you something! Cheers to Warframe's 1 million download on Switch, and cheers for millions more to come!

Edit: Hell I have 150 plats lying around too, might as well give that away.

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