Exclusively RNG-gated drops are a complete disregard of one’s effort and time.

Warframe14 - Exclusively RNG-gated drops are a complete disregard of one's effort and time.

Arbitrations, <...> these endgame mission variations <...>, offering players a level of challenge they cannot find anywhere else in the game…

Ephemera! These will be acquired by Tenno able to complete specific challenges, <...> cosmetics that only certain players will be able to get…

Concerning drops that are not tradeable and not available for purchase in the market, I don't think there is any specific challenge involved in accessing their droptables and having a dice roll ultimately decide whether you get rewarded or not.

There isn't a single reason either for all players, each with varying degrees of effort and time spent towards farming these drops intentionally and unintentionally, to be equally given an abysmal chance at these drops except that this might be DE's way of "providing" a means to get these drops sooner than 'RNG says no again for the umpteenth time'. Just to show that the game still consists of "bite-sized" content, albeit just to a fraction of lucky players.

But, there are already existing, more reasonable and alternative ways these drops could be obtained. Let's use Aura Forma BPs here for an example:

  • Grind by progression. Make the Aura Forma BPs be available for purchase with Vitus Essence as well, maybe at a higher amount to balance it out with its rare droprate. It does not really matter what amount as long as it's still in the droptables too. If a player gets lucky, nice! If not, the player still is making tangible progress by gradually accumulating points to be able to obtain it. The Hema research is a similar but extreme example.
  • Grind by dedication/merit. Take it out from the droptables and make it a guaranteed drop after a significant amount of rotations. This is suitable if the intent of the BP's rarity is exclusivity/prestige, like John Prodman's poster. If it's not intended for absolute exclusivity and there's a need to provide bite-sized content for a certain group of players, it still remains in the droptables aside from being a guaranteed drop.
    • Instead of a guaranteed Aura Forma BP drop, it can be tokens/badges (Separate from Vitus Essence) that players can turn in to receive an Aura Forma BP. This is suitable if you don't want players to just do a single long run of the game mode and be done with it.
  • Grind indirectly. Make Aura Forma BPs tradeable or available for purchase in the market with plat as an alternative to farming for it in Arbitrations. This should be a last resort when it comes to valuable drops like Aura Forma BPs, but should definitely be an option for stuff like the Detron/Brakk.
    • This can also be like the previous option. Have a certain point deep into a single run where players will receive some sort of token/badge that indicates they have successfully reached that point instead of a guaranteed Aura Forma BP. Only then will they be allowed to receive it via trades.

TL:DR. Provide players with a tangible sense of progress when grinding for stuff. Don't let it hinge on a dice roll alone.


Some personal experiences and opinions (skip if not interested):

You don't have to farm for it. These are just cosmetics/MR points/a niche in a few situations…

Value is both objective and subjective. For example, the Detron is absolute garbage and is optional for someone who is not minmaxing one's experience in the game. That does not justify though how objectively it can be potentially more expensive than a Mara Detron.

Furthermore, one player's grind will differ from someone else's. That also affects how much subjective value is put on a drop. A few days after ephemeras dropped, I was trying to slap in the 3rd forma on a melee weapon. Sliding around in Adaro, the Stalker appeared and granted me the ephemera. A nice surprise, I guess. On the other hand, an alliance mate of mine had been paying players 50p/beacon carry. Took him 9 days before finally getting it to drop. So, what gives?

Lastly, you may be lucky to have finally obtained the drop you want (or enough of it) but it will only dilute the droptables for you the next time around. Yay. Credits.

Have you ever played X game? It's grindier.

I'll be frank. Warframe is the only loot-based game I've ever played (BRs aside) so I may be biased. But, that is not a valid reason for the game to be as grindy as those games. There's an explanation why Warframe is one of the most popular F2P titles out here and it isn't because it's as grindy as those.

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