Experimented on black market: I bought plats illegally

Warframe4 - Experimented on black market: I bought plats illegally


I wanted to see if DE could catch me and how long they would ban if I purchase platinums from 3rd party website.

I went to a website (shall not be named) and I paid $11 for 1000 plats.

The website rep person didn't take long to send me an email. After verification and payment he invited me to his empty dojo. He was MR2 or 3 Volt. He offered his 1000 plats but I didn't have the credits (I think I needed over 300k) so he gifted me the credits (must have spent some plats to do so). I was surprised at this.

Is It Safe?

I asked him "Is this safe, will I get banned?" He said "It's safe if you don't do this often. Maybe once a month or twice a month" before proceeding with the transaction. I got the platinums and a voice in my head said "The hunt is on, Tenno".

I logged in the next day and found that I was not banned. The platinum is still there, "1050."

Again not banned for another week. And another week. A month passed and I was still not banned.

I was beginning to think that maybe DE is too busy with other bigger fish (to fry).

And One Day…

It was not until May/10 when I logged in and saw that I could not because I have a negative platinum.

"Your account has been restricted due to negative platinum balance…"

"Banned! Finally." I thought to myself admittedly a little disappointed. I sent DE an email and 6 days later I a reply from DE Lucille that contains the following:

You were found to have received a large amount of Platinum and/or gifts from a known black market Platinum re-seller, who has been permanently banned from the game for this activity. Because the Platinum you received was fraudulently obtained, it was necessary to remove it from your account. For any gifts you might have received in the same manner, the item(s) were also removed from your inventory.

We attempted to identify and reverse as many black market transactions on your account as possible. If you believe that the transactions listed below represent all the Platinum/gifts that you have purchased from the black market, you should not notice your Platinum balance being affected any further. However, if you have made other black market transactions in the past, future investigations could result in those trades/gifts being reversed, and the Platinum value being removed from your account.

March 11th, 2019 at 14:30 GMT – You received 1000 Platinum from the Platinum re-seller account yaosha39577357


Note, purchasing in-game items from other players for cash is a violation of the Terms of Use/EULA and your account could be banned from the game for engaging in such activities. You are being given another opportunity to play, however, because you did not have enough Platinum to cover the full amount that was removed — your Platinum balance is now in the negatives.

To restore access to your account, you will need to purchase enough Platinum (from a legitimate source) to bring your balance out of the negatives.

As a courtesy to you, we are offering to reverse any cosmetic-only purchases that we find on your account. Any Platinum restored to your account will help to reduce your negative Platinum balance. Please let us know if you want us to proceed.

Please be aware that if you purchase Platinum using a Steam DLC Pack, we will need to put you in contact with one of our Billing CSRs who will assist you with applying the purchase to your account.

For future reference, we strongly suggest that you avoid unbalanced trades or trades that appear to be "for free" as these are often connected to compromised accounts or other fraudulent activity. Unless the contest or giveaway is from an official Warframe partner, you cannot trust where the Platinum is coming from.

Please note, if you are found to have participated in black market activity again in the future, your account will be permanently suspended from the game with no chance to restore your Platinum balance and continue playing.

As stated in our Terms of Use, you as the account holder are solely responsible for resolving the negative Platinum balance on your account.

Thank you for your understanding.

Confronting The Seller

Curiously I also sent the 3rd party vendor an email and was surprised that they responded within 4 hours.

I said that I was banned and they asked for a screenshot so I provided it.

They replied:

Oh, we are really sry to hear that!

Do you play other game as well? We can give you some compensation for other game if you do.

Then I said to them that they must have obtained the platinums illegally or improperly but they denied:

Yep,all plat is legit and this thing your said have not happened here before,really sorry to hear about that.

I don't think we can trust that.


DE will find out – it may take 2 months but eventually they will.


During the two weeks I logged in almost daily and played about 10-30 minutes. I did not make any trades with other people so you can feel safe.

Thank you for reading.

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