[FAQ 2] Dev Workshop: Corpus Proxima & The New Railjack

Warframe4 - [FAQ 2] Dev Workshop: Corpus Proxima & The New Railjack

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1) First FAQ https://www.reddit.com/r/Warframe/comments/m1ej2b/faq_dev_workshop_corpus_proxima_the_new_railjack/

2) OP https://www.reddit.com/r/Warframe/comments/m1ej2b/faq_dev_workshop_corpus_proxima_the_new_railjack/

Tenno – we have updated the FAQ re: 'The New Railjack' with a second part. This standalone post is just to add visibility since there are some important topics covered as we continue Developing the update, and we want to make sure as much information is shared as possible.


Why Make The Railjack Available on the Market?
The answer comes down to ease of access. When more people engage with an in-game system, the overall quality of matchmaking, mission success and player population in these areas dramatically increases. We want the new Railjack experience to be one that not only newer, casual or trade-savvy players can enjoy, but also benefit the longer-term investors in Railjack by having more public groups to engage with and better opportunities to find items you may need.

Warframe has many items that can be acquired through the Market to give an option to bypass the waiting, and in some cases, players may have felt excluded from new and emergent game features without that same access (this was true of Necramechs). Adding the Railjack to the Market allows those users to also enjoy this content in their own timeframe, while not taking away the ability to earn the same item for free in-game. The more people playing, the more diverse your Railjack experience!

Does the Plexus Need Forma?
While the new Plexus can indeed be upgraded with additional Forma (much like any other equipment you may use), it does come with 3 Base Polarities already. There’s also more Mod Points available without Forma due to the Aura Slot – which gives Modding Capacity like on Warframes! While it is possible to add additional Forma later, the amount of items you will be able to slot from the get-go are quite generous. You can also add an Orokin Reactor to double your Modification points, much like a Warframe.

How Will the Plexus Work With Mastery Rank?
As with all Moddable items, the Plexus gains strength from, as well as contributes to your Mastery Rank. When modifying your Plexus, you will have a starting pool of Mod Points equal to your Mastery Rank (double if an Orokin Reactor is installed), and mastering the Plexus will contribute 6000 Affinity towards your Mastery Rank.


Do you lose Competency Points if you End a Crew Contract?
You gain Competency points through the Command Intrinsic. When you unlock certain ranks within the Command tree, those points can be applied to any member of the Crew you hire. For example, if you have unlocked 3 Competency points, you can spend them on each Crew member. If you then retire that Crew Member and hire another, you will be able to apply 3 Competency points to them immediately. Simply put, they are not consumed / exclusive per Crew member!

Warframe Energy, Round 2 FAQ.
Warframe Energy continues to be a big conversation in threads and posts about The New Railjack. We are indeed changing a lot, and this part of the FAQ outlines deeper connections between all these changes.

Energy Generation

– The Battle Forge can make Warframe Energy now! This means that in addition to existing player strategies, the Forge itself will be regularly outputting large pools of Warframe energy with Player use.

Battle Avionics

With every player using their own Energy pool and bringing their own powers to the ship, we’re effectively potentially tripling the total amount of Battle Mods used on the ship. More options are great in theory but there is an Elephant-in-the-Orbiter: Tether.

Tether trivialized a lot of the Railjack gameplay flow with how lethal it was toward Fighter units in one-size-fits-all bursts. We want to justify the changes to Tether in the scope of adding new content. Tether would continue to trivialize all phases of Railjack fighter content, so we have made changes to focus its lethality on those Tethered while still rewarding tactical placement.

Tether Battle Mod (previously Avionic) has been balanced for new gameplay:
No longer shoot to destroy.
Tethered enemies that die will explode, dealing damage to those around them.
Tethered enemies take additional damage from Railjack weapons.

Obviously changes like this shouldn’t be a one-way street, so we’ve also reviewed the other Battle Mods. Some of the more notable changes you can look forward to:
Blackout Pulse: Additional pulses occur based on how many enemies were hit by the first pulse
Fiery Phoenix: Railjack weapons gain additional Heat damage when this ability is active

We should also note: We have also buffed Railjack guns significantly across the board, which will be detailed in our Update Notes.

So while Tether has changed, so too has most of Railjack. All things in balance, Tenno.

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