[FAQ] Dev Workshop: Corpus Proxima & The New Railjack

Warframe15 - [FAQ] Dev Workshop: Corpus Proxima & The New Railjack

This is a standalone FAQ Follow Up to our Dev Workshop:

What about these Early Adopter Tiers?

Tenno – this is the hottest question, and we are seriously reviewing the Wreckage schema to make it more user friendly to know what you are eligible for at a glance vs. having to remember what you’ve built, Valence Transferred, Scrapped, etc. We are changing this, as seen here. All original posts will be edited to reflect this:


Tier 1:
-4 Avionic Grid Slots Maxed+ 1 Wreckage Built

Tier 2:
-7 Avionic Grid Slots Maxed + 3 Wreckage Built

Tier 3:
-Full Avionic Grid Maxed+ 6 Wreckage Built (i.e all Slots have something you’ve made).

These changes were made to give the players instant recognition of what they are eligible for, and the tiers are a bit more generous.

If you are going on a crafting frenzy in the meantime, as you wait 12 hours between repairs, remember that Railjack Components and Armaments are unique in that you can break them down to regain a generous amount of the Resources it required to build them.

What about Lavos / Hildryn, and why Warframe energy – seems scary!


Firstly, Lavos and Hildryn are all up and running with cool downs and Shield-as-energy on Railjack, respectively. Secondly – yeah, it is scary! It’s a big change, and the Warframe Energy economy is a much different world than Flux. There have been some seriously great responses to this part of the Dev Workshop, and when we caveated everything in the workshop with ‘expect changes’, we had it in the back of our minds that this part would be most at risk for thrash. This answer serves one purpose: to let you know what we are reviewing this right now, and we will provide details on any plan revisions when they are final.

You mentioned Necramechs in all missions, why just Railjack missions in this update?

We have Railjack missions set up in such a way that Necramechs are compatible in virtually all environments (hence Orphix coming back, etc). We still aim to deliver on our goal of game-wide Necramechs in a future update. In order to make sure this new feature doesn’t cause major issues, we need more time to test Father’s Old War toys before we fully let them loose!

Crew – Affinity? Competencies? How do those work?

We have some minor changes here – as this is a new feature, it’s not really a change to anything you’ve experienced, but we wanted to clarify how this works.
Crew Member Competency Points change:

  • Current workshop: “Crewmates will gain Affinity like you’re used to, which can be spent to increase aptitude in certain roles as ‘Competency Points’.
  • Change: On launch Competency Points will be earned through Intrinsic Ranks. You get one point at Rank 2, 4, 5, and 6. In later updates we will include Affinity gain for Crew Members, but for initial implementation Intrinsic Ranks will be the way to earn Competency Points.

Is the Orphix Venom vendor also coming back?

No, Arcanes will be within the Orphix mission rotations themselves in new Reward Tables.

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