Fenrir, the Werebeast (Warframe concept)

Warframe9 - Fenrir, the Werebeast (Warframe concept)

Yo, I've been thinking about something like this for a long time and I figured now that we might get a Warframe with an exalted transformation aside from Titania, I think it's high-time I tackled this concept and put it out into the world. My rework ideas are usually not too popular but I enjoy making them and I've wanted to design my own Warframe for awhile, so hey, why not. Wish I had art to go along with this stuff, but alas. Anyways, lets get to it. One last thing, I don't really do numbers since I'm no good at that part of these things, so I'll let other people fill in those gaps.

His unique roll animation will just be a powerful, flashy forward leap like he's taking huge dashing-steps.

Passive – The most important part of this Warframe. I figured instead of making the transformation an ability, it felt like it should be a passive mechanic so it was more in-line with the Werewolf mythos, sort of…allowing you to partially control the transformation but it still be a potential burden too, not just a boon. As you take damage an "enraged" bar will fill, depending on your max health/armor; when the bar completely fills Fenrir goes into a critical state for (X) seconds, giving him enhanced movement speed, melee attack speed, and a % damage reduction. If he stays in this state for too long Fenrir transforms into a hulking, bestial transformation, this transformation quadruples his health, strips his ability to use weapons, and the claws on his hands become an exalted weapon of sorts (unique from any other melee weapon in the game) In this state, Fenrir's melee attacks have huge aoe range and do slash damage, the damage of his claws do a flat, base damage that has a 100% status proc of slash and also does 25% of an enemies max health on hit. Fenrir is very fast in this state and when he runs the animation is him on all-fours.

Ability 1: Decimate – Fenrir throws himself forward, latching onto the first enemy he contacts and grabs them. He then charges the enemy around the room smashing them into other enemies, causing huge impact damage to the initial enemy and half that to enemies he runs over, knocking all enemies down that he does hit. If Fenrir hits a wall it does double the damage of hitting an enemy and pins them there where Fenrir begins to endlessly punch the enemy (until cancelled or you run out of energy) with each punch it creates large kinetic shockwaves of impact damage around him in a large radius, staggering enemies farther away and knocking down enemies closer to the shockwaves. If the ability is ended before Fenrir hits a wall he throws the enemy forward and any surface the enemy impacts does double the damage as well; can also be thrown at other enemies to the same effect as running them over.

In his transformed state, Fenrir instead picks up enemies and uses them to enhance his melee attacks with a 100% impact damage buff, and he can throw them with no additional cost. Throwing them in his bestial state doubles any damage it normally does. The enemy in his hand takes whatever damage running them into other enemies would do.


Ability 2: Catharsis – Fenrir lets out a tremendous roar that staggers every enemy in a large radius around Fenrir. This move reduces a percentage of his passive's bar and stops it from rising for a few seconds after casting the ability.

Once in transformation, the roar instead unleashes a wave of debilitation, weakening every enemy in an expanding dome, making them take 50% more damage from all sources.

Ability 3: The Pack – Fenrir opens his chest and exudes three ethereal void-entity kubrows for a duration. During this time, the kubrows run with him (similar to Mirage's Hall of Mirrors) The kubrows go out and "fetch" enemies and bring them to Fenrir, depositing them in front of him knocked on the ground. Holding the button to cast instead makes the summoned voidbrows bring enemies in front of Fenrir and hold them there until the enemy is dead.

When in transformation, the voidbrows become 6 instead of 3 and are faster than before about fetching enemies to bring to their alpha.

Ability 4: Ragnarok – This ability can only be used when Fenrir's "enraged" meter has been full for (X) seconds and Fenrir is nearing full transformation. This ability will make a slight audio and visual cue when it should be used, and when used, Fenrir lifts into the air and quickly expels a void, ethereal version of his full transformation. The void beast closely follows Fenrir and assaults any nearby enemies whilst Fenrir runs around in his normal form doing as he pleases. The void beast teleports to him if it gets too far away (like the Wukong clone) and is very aggressive, using Fenrir's abilities whenever Fenrir does. During this, Fenrir's "enraged" bar slowly depletes dependent on duration and cannot be depleted further by his second ability. Allies can "jump inside" the void beast like a necramech and though they cannot control it they are protected inside and can use all of their weapons whilst the beast does its thing.

If Ragnarok is casted whilst Fenrir is already transformed, void blades erupt from Fenrir's body and encapsulate the transformation in a sphere of rapid slash proc attacks. Anything close to Fenrir's transformed state immediately starts accumulating a bevy of slash procs; this mode rapidly begins to deplete his "enraged" bar.

I would absolutely love to hear feedback about all the abilities and the Warframe in general, or hell, I'd really like to hear alternate concepts or ability ideas for him. I know he is not perfect by ANY means and I would love to improve him with the help of helpful tenno.

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