Fixing Grendel, a potentially really fun Warframe, gutted by balancing decisions.

Warframe14 - Fixing Grendel, a potentially really fun Warframe, gutted by balancing decisions.

Let me start of by saying the moment I saw Grendel I knew I was gonna main him. He looked like a fun and fresh Warframe that felt unique among the rest. However, what we saw on the Devstream wasn´t what we got. Grendel, despite being strong, feels crippled by balancing decisions and last minute changes. Despite his nice damage output and tankyness, the fun factor that I hoped for is gone.

With this in mind I propose the following changes with the intent of making Grendel a lot more fun to play.

1 – Feast

The worst part of this ability is the huge energy drain. In order to use 3 out of his 4 abilities Grendel needs to first use this one but doing it efficiently will drain all of his energy since it increases per enemy swallowed. Yes, you could just swallow some to keep the drain low, but since enemies inside tend to die quickly and you need them in order to use the rest of your abilities, having to repeatedly press 1 before pressing anything else becomes very bothersome.

Flat energy drain – A slightly higher, yet flat energy drain would fix this issue. You would no longer have to worry about how much time you have to press 2, 3 or 4 before 1 consumes all of your energy.

2 – Nourish

Just giving this a HUD icon like Titania would be so helpful.

3 – Regurgitate

A lot of people have suggested getting rid of this ability and making it part of his 1 (similar to the Zephyr Tail wind/Dive bomb change). While this does make sense (especially since holding 1 does the job way better than 3) I believe that this ability could be made fun and worthy of a button press with some QoL changes.


Hold to fire – Holding 3 will now shoot enemies in rapid succession (machine gun style)

Visible Impact – Make the AoE of the impact of the enemies more visible.

Toxin proc – Enemies killed by this ability explode on impact, inflicting a toxin proc on nearby enemies. Not really a QoL but a nice change that can make it rival his 1.

My point with this changes is: MACHINE GUN BOMBER MAN GRENDEL!

4 – Pulvurize

This ability looked so good on the Devstream whilst in game it is nothing but a disappointment. While I get that some changes might´ve been required (taking out the Feast part since it probably made him get stuck often) a lot of unnecessary balancing has gutted this Ult. My suggestions are:

Let me cast without enemies inside – There are enough synergies with his 1 already such as a lower cost and a bigger size. Having enemies inside his gut should not be a requirement at all. It not only spoils all the fun, it also ruins the Meatball Race Championship I had planned in the Planes 🙁

Flat drain – Much like his 1, an increasing drain makes no sense here.

Feast augment – I don´t know exactly why the feast part of this ability was removed (it was either a band aid fix or as a way to balance it) but regardless, rolling around as an All Consuming Ball Of Doom seemed really cool and I wouldn´t mind wasting a mod slot to get it back.

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