Focus, Lenses and Convergence orbs may need another look, with the New War coming quickly.

Warframe5 - Focus, Lenses and Convergence orbs may need another look, with the New War coming quickly.

Focus Farming is a touchy subject, many people get angry over it cause of its state. For good reason. Focus farming right now is boring, uninteractive and unengaging. And, for the vast majority, also unrewarding. So how do we change that?

Well first, we'll need to address lenses.

By the time players get a single eidolon lens (without buying it) they'll probably have one waybound maxed or near maxed. At least, that's how it was for me. Let alone getting a full gear of Eidolon lenses, and let alone getting an Eidolon lens for all the weapons, frames and items you use.

This creates a farm(lens farm) on top of a farm(cetus farm) on top of a farm(focus farm). This is completely and totally unnecessary.

Lenses should all have Eidolon lens base conversion rates.

The new tier of lenses would instead passively share a small amount of bonus focus for other trees. Meaning it won't take from your total earned. Normal focus lenses would share bonus 1/5 of gained focus, greater would share 2/5, and eidolon would share 3/5.

This would make focus farming much, much easier while still allowing it to be the long end-game farm DE wants it to be. But we also need to make it more fun to farm. First, improving ESO and Eidolons.

Elite Sanctuary Onslaught is pretty cool, and Eidolons are fun once in a while. But both of them take their toll when done for the hundreth time.

What we need is an endurance mode of sorts for these modes, something that gives a higher degree of player participation.

For ESO, they could make a mode where enemies start at level 80, and periodically spawn in field bosses. Such as Raptor, Raknoids and Assassins who would also award bonus time for being killed. At the benefit of a +50%(just spitballing) Focus gained. This brings two things.

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One, players who can easily roll all over the content currently will have a more challenging and more rewarding focus farm. And two, it would be a way to farm focus that is far more involved.

For Eidolons? How about a mode where you fight all three eidolons at the same time? Of course, things would need to be adjusted. But with proper balancing this would be extremely attractive I believe. Though it would be also super hardware intensive.


Finally, I believe I have a solution to Convergence orbs. Right now, Convergence orbs are extremely random. Either you get them in a huge clump of enemies or an eximus sortie and get 20-30k in a single orb or it happens when there's not so much as an owl's hoot. Also, if you're leveling a weapon and haven't put a lens on it, apparently you can go fuck yourself. At least, that's what convergence orbs tell you. So what should be done?

Convergence orbs no longer give a focus gained buff. Instead, it spawns in a special boss.

This teleporting void ghost freak would feel all CCs as mere slows, and have loads of health/DR that scales with player inventories (though not Wolf levels, think more like high level Demolyst levels). The reward for beating them would be a flat rate of focus. From 5k to 30k+ based on the level of the boss. This focus would be able to be spent on any tree, but not multiple. To make sure nobody griefs, they can't damage objectives. What this would do is, again, make players more involved, while also making sure that you always gain a certain amount of Focus when taking a convergence orb. It would also bring a level of risk to it.

I know DE wants Focus to be a long farm, but right now it's quite a bit too long. With the New War coming up, people have made a good point about players who just want to experience the story without that much grinding or time on their hands might be left behind against all of the sentient threats. So, making focus more organic, rewarding and fun to farm would make the system extremely healthy. And allow players to see the more fun parts of the system.

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Of course, this would actually take a lot of time to develop. So in the mean time, maybe making convergence orbs just like, not care about how many focus lenses someone has slapped on their ass and just give more conversion if you do have a lot of lenses slapped on their ass?

And you want players to still spend months farming focus? Add more abilities or reasons to level up the whole trees.

More player retention and less burnout. Though, that may be a hard thing to do. But trust me, people would farm focus even for mostly meaningless things such as +operator jumps or dodge speed if focus was actually fun, engaging and rewarding to farm.

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