Fortuna Part 2: Profit Taker Heist Details!

Warframe11 - Fortuna Part 2: Profit Taker Heist Details!


If you're on PC you'll be expecting Fortuna Part II: The Profit Taker soon!

We are aiming to launch it next week – we'll keep you posted on that progress. Deploying before the holidays is always tricky, so thank you for your patience as we work toward this goal!

Now… say you wanted to prepare. Some tips for you:

A) HEISTS & TAKING DOWN THE PROFIT TAKER: You must be Old Mate to participle in the Heist Bounties. So if you're not there yet – you've got a new goal for the weekend! Once you've gone through a full Heist – including the finale of taking down The Profit Taker Orb, you'll be able to freely access every stage of the Heist… this will make more sense once it's live :wink:.


B) VOX SOLARIS: Stock up on Toroids – Little Duck's Vox Solaris Syndicate has 5 Ranks coming and will be home to Baruuk and his Components.

On the live version of Warframe, Vox Solaris has:

Neutral Operative

The Update will include continued ranks of:

Agent – (Baruuk's Blueprint) Hand – (Baruuk's Components) Instrument Shadow

C) And everything else?! We are already at 12 pages of Notes for Part II. We have new Conservation species, new Amps & Arcanes, new Lore Fragments for our Fortuna Vendors, new Mods, new Operator hair, new Cosmetics, and much much more!

See you soon, Tenno!

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