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DE Rebecca:

Hi all!

This is a quick post to outline some changes we've made and some changes that are coming to yesterday's Update on PC!

Already Live: Heist Bounty drop tables adjusted! Repeller Systems in particular went from 1.01 to 7% chance.

Source: https://n8k6e2y6.ssl.hwcdn.net/repos/hnfvc0o3jnfvc873njb03enrf56.html

Coming as soon as we can:

a) Heavy Weapon Cooldown

Once the Atmosphere Arch-Gun’s ammo has been depleted, there is a 10 minute cool-down until it is summoned again. We intend to lower the cooldown in one of two ways:

Either reduce cooldown to 5 minutes and double the Atmosphere Arch-Gun’s ammo pool Or Scale cooldown based on remaining Atmosphere Arch-Gun’s ammo pool (and double the pool overall).

Additional Comments:

Generally speaking from a broad design sense, the intent here is to have a powerful change of pace in combat, not a complete replacement of your weaponry for all time. This is an 'oh yeah' power moment that will continue to undergo balance changes to feel a bit less punishing.

b) The Profit Taker Rewards

We intend to add new rewards for taking down the Profit Taker: Debt Tokens, Actual Profit (aka a big stack of Credits), and possibly an Articula!

Additional Comments:

Taking down The Profit Taker is no easy task – and on its death, you get a Crisma Toroid worth 6,000 Vox Solaris Standing… and that's it. We are adding more shortly as listed above, and hopefully.. even more soon!

c) Conservation

We intend to make some changes to the Tranq Rifle and Animal Pheromone Synthesizer items. The amount of Solaris United Standing required for these items will be rebalanced. 'Perfect' captures with Warframe abilities is also being reviewed again.

Additional Comments:

Making the Tranq Gun a bit more responsive / fun to use is undergoing testing. We wanted to add content to the unused 'Gear' slot on the Conservation UI, and once we rebalance costs / functionality we hope Pheromones serve a new role for Conservationsists.

d) Heist Cutscenes

We intend to make the cutscenes that play before Heists skippable and hope to do so before the holidays!


Additional Comments:

There was much debate before launch about how to treat these – there have been cases of 'cutscenes & skipping' causing toxicity in other games and communities, which is something we wanted to avoid. We are going to find a way to quickly enable skipping, and put our hope in the positivity of the Tenno that there won't be disrespect toward players who want to watch the Cutscenes for the first time in the event people matchmake together!

e) The Profit Taker fight.

We are adding more waypoints and icons to Objectives and Pickups during the Profit Taker fight. We are also tweaking some of the offensive mechanics of The Profit Taker.

Additional Comments:

This one is a little tricky. The Profit Taker fight is not meant to be an easy task, and we want to wait more than 24 hours to act on some feedback. Players need to spend more than a day strategizing – keeping Alert Beacons destroyed, learning how to cycle damage types, coordinating with your squad, are types of behaviour that can efficiently overcome the challenge. We are looking to reduce 'unfun' elements for sure, just be aware we are hesitant to over-correct some of the aspects in less than a day of feedback. Thanks for your patience in advance!

f) Mesa Prime + TennoGen

In a recent hotfix, Mesa Prime’s toggle on her TennoGen skins was removed, because her base and Prime models are so different that the Prime Details don’t line up properly. We are working on a fix for these texture problems and will continue to keep you posted here

g) The Profit Taker Bounties

You may have noticed that for the 4 Heist Bounties, you only get 1 reward at the end of each Bounty. Before launch, we multiplied the quantity of some of the rewards (i.e x3 Toroids, etc) as we didn't think having 'per phase' rewards made sense for the fast and easy tasks that kick off each Bounty – but we are reviewing this to see what we can change, even if it means multiplying more.

h) Staticor

With yesterday's update, the Staticor’s charged shots deal self-damage, but we intend to change that. The Staticor’s charged shots will soon have self-damage removed.

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