[Forum Post] Scarlet Spear: 2-Days In Feedback Top Items (+ Script Details!)

Warframe11 - [Forum Post] Scarlet Spear: 2-Days In Feedback Top Items (+ Script Details!)

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Tenno! We are 2 days into Scarlet Spear – the shores have been rocky, but this list aims to address how we plan on making some of those rocks less jagged:

We will update with Dev’s plans for these as we get information:

Score Scripts

As the first 2 days have had numerous issues with Scarlet Credit payouts, we will be running a Script with the next Hotfix (27.3.4). The details are:

If you have accrued any Scarlet Credits, you will receive an Inbox upon login to grant you a duplicate of that amount. The duplicate amount of Scarlet Credits will be reflective of your total Scarlet Credit score over the entire Operation, regardless of if you spent it already.

For Example: If you’ve earned 7,900 Scarlet Credits, you will receive an inbox with 7,900 more.

Over the course of the Operation thus far, some of the top priority issues were related to receiving incorrect amounts of Scarlet Credits in Murex Raids as well as Victory Payout (as seen in Bugs / Issues below). The culmination of these issues in the beginning days of the Operation is a feel bad moment for sure, which is the reasoning behind the compensation Inbox. The Hotfix notes will detail our changes and fixes to address these Scoring issues.

Tutorials & Tips

We are adding a Tutorial and Tips section to Little Duck’s Screen in the Flotilla to give players more robust information within the game on how to approach the Operation and to answer common questions players might have.

Trade Wares

Since Little Duck’s collection of goods is still missing rare and legendary Arcanes, the question of when they are being added is being asked. We aren’t adding them until we have bugs and issues fixed, and Scoring balanced.

Bugs / Issues

Some Known Issues:

  • Players were receiving the wrong amount of Victory Payout respective to the Rank which is earned in the Flotilla.

  • Players were earning Victory Payout for Flotillas that didn’t reach 100/100 Murex Driven Away.

  • Players who reached the 100/100 Murex Driven Away that jumped to a different Flotilla and played a mission, would not receive Victory Payout from the completed Flotilla once the timer expired.

  • Not all players receive Scarlet Credits upon manual extraction from a Murex Raid mission.

  • Not receiving Kill Codes in a Murex Raid even though players are uploading Codes in the Ground mission.

  • Rejoining a Flotilla that you were booted from results in seeing no Flotilla chat or players, making it appear that no progress is happening and you’re deeply alone.

  • Loading into a ‘zombie’ Flotilla with ‘Zero Murex Waves Detected’.

Meta Analysis:

Over the course of the past several months, there’s been a lot of repeated bad-to-mixed first impressions on new content releases.

We are doing our best with Hotfixes but, for a Warframe player, the experience you’d want to have with new content is not the one you’ve been getting the first 4-5 days after release (sometimes longer in the case of Liches / etc).We apologize for this frustration. This is a topic we plan on addressing by adapting our approach for the remainder of the year’s Updates. With the release of Warframe: Revised earlier this month, we’re hoping to continue in this direction with revising old, but also adding new in a better way!

That is not to say future Updates will be completely bug free (we’d never make a claim like this), but we hope to break out of the bad first impression cycle in a constructive way. Thank you for your patience!

Please see our past post here to catch up on what Hotfixes have covered, and check back here for updates: https://forums.warframe.com/topic/1178297-scarlet-spear-launch-hour-feedback-top-items/?tab=comments#comment-11453263

Cheers, Tenno!

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