Frame Concept – Praetor.

Warframe5 - Frame Concept - Praetor.

So i decided to make a Frame called Praetor as a suggestion to DE. If you guys really like the idea of him would be nice if this suggestion reach DE somehow.



– My idea with Praetor was create a complete new experience with Frames. Having a extra arcane but no Exilus mod can allow really creative builds. Also he is a loot frame and a alternative for Nekros.

I'm not a artist but his appearance would be a Frame with a titanium like armor cracked with visible constellations inside of him.


Stats (Rank 0)

HP : 125 (375 at rank 30)

Shields : 75 (150 at rank 30)

Armor : 150

Energy : 150 (225 at rank 30)

Speed : 1.20


Passive – Leviathan has a additional arcane slot but no exilus warframe mod slot.


1 – Dimensional Burst

Hold to cycle between Void and True damage

Tap to Praetor summon fissures that randomly will deal the chosen damage to enemies. If you choose Void enemies will disorientate enemies for a few seconds . Otherwise True will give allies 25 armor by enemy killed.

(affected by duration and range) (scales with strength)

thank you – Exchatche


2 – Maelstrom


Tap to create a wormhole on Praetor chest that pushes all nearby loot (that's include ammo and orbs) vanishing after that. Hold to open that wormhole again releasing a treasure of another dimension

~The rarity of the treasure will be increased by the amount of loot inside the wormhole. The treasure can be credits(40%),endo(25%), resources(25%) or mods (10%)~

(affected by range)


3 – Ethereal Veil

Praetor creates a cloak of dimensional energy that increase 20% of his movement speed, damage reduction and strength on maneuvers (bullet jump, aim glide, wall latch, etc.)

(affected by duration) (scales with strength)


4 – Leviathan

Praetor create a wormhole summoning Leviathan a entity from another dimension that will unleash slash projectiles and consume the enemy bodies.

(drain energy for sec. so duration and efficiency are useful) (scales with strength)

Tips – This has a chance to double the previous loot since has a similar effect to 'Amalgam Ripkas True Steel' having 100% gore chance. So this is a nice way to make a better use of his 2 (Maelstrom)

suggestion by – apostroffie


If you guys have any suggestion to improve this Frame concept don't forget to give your thoughts. Everything will be appreciated.

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