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Warframe3 - Frames Suggestions (concepts)

About me:

So i was thinking about the next frames and i got some ideas i like to share with the community and maybe DE if they like something. (English is not my first language so pls ignore any grammar mistakes).

Obs. I know some of this abilities can be broken but i not a dev. So if you got suggestions about nerfs/buffs you are welcome.



– My idea with Oxide is some kinda of Mushroom like frame. Being capable of dealing a ton of status damage but usually when you are attacked. Its more like a defensive frame for excavation, interception and mobile defenses.

Passive – Whenever Oxide receives physical damage he inflicts gas status effect on the enemy thats attacking him

1 – Caustic Shout

Oxide screams and enemies affected by this ability range are disarmed.

2 – Poison Air

Cycle through three types of steam. Tap to use it. (Drain energy for second)

Symptoms: Enemies are disoriented and got -25% armor reduction

Virus : Oxide deals gas damage to enemies around him

Treatment: Heal allies around Oxide (and himself)

3 – Chamber

Oxide enters in a hibernation state removing any status and become invulnerable for a few seconds.

4 – Death Cap

Oxide summons his Exalted Weapon (Launcher), Death Cap, a fungus war machine that can obliterate enemies with explosive projectiles.

Whenever a projectile hits a enemy it deals damage and randomly corrosive, gas or viral status effect to them.



– My idea with Maelstrom was give a more diverse experience with a loot frame and a alternative for Nekros. Although he's more offensive this costs energy so it values a good build that can balance damage and efficiency.

Passive – Enemies killed by Maelstrom abilities has 10% chance to drop extra loot.

1 – Chaos

Maelstrom creates a fissure dealing blast damage to nearby enemies.

2 – Dimensional Burst

Maelstrom creates randomly fissures that stun enemies around him.

3 – Malice

Maelstrom create a wormhole that pushes all nearby loot vanishing after that. Hold to open that wormhole again releasing a treasure of another dimension

~The rarity of the treasure will be increased by the amount of loot inside the wormhole. The treasure can be credits(40%),endo(25%), resources(25%) or mods (10%)~

4 – Armageddon

Maelstrom sends energy waves around him dealing blast damage to enemies. Enemies killed will explode when they die dealing blast damage to other enemies.



– My idea with Ether was create a complete new experience with Frames. Having a extra arcane but no Exilus mod can be allow really creative builds. Also she has a more fast paced gameplay being a nice option for capture, rescue and even spy modes.

Passive – Ether has a additional arcane slot but no exilus warframe mod slot.

1 – Psychic Tide

Ether unleashes a wave of energy that deals true damage to target enemy.

2 – Ethereal Veil


Ether creates a cloak of energy that gives her increase 20% of her movement speed, damage reduction and strength on maneuvers (bullet jump, aim glide, wall latch,etc.)

3 – Transmutation

While crouching or sliding Ether becomes invisible,

while jumping or airborne Ether gets status immunity,

while sprinting or standing Ether gets knockback resistance

4 – Ultimatum

Ether summons a orb for that follows her and deals true damage to enemies around. For each enemy killed by its owner

add a stack to that orb. When the orb duration finish gives 10 energy regeneration for each stack on that orb to its owner.



– My idea with Praetor was a Frame with a more gun based style while being a alternative for Mesa users. Also has a nice kit for Archwing missions and Railjack being able to give us some advantage while using him.

Passive – Praetor has +10% damage bonuses for Primary, Secondary and Archgun weapons.

Praetor gets +300 armor while using a Archwing.

1 – Bullet Storm

Praetor gets increased fire rate, reload speed and recoil reduction on his primary weapon. If Extinction is active it also gives +15% damage bonuses on primary weapons.

2 – Second Chance

Praetor gets 30% critical chance and status chance on his secondary weapon. If Extinction is active it also gives 20% critical damage and status duration on secondary


3 – Waistcoat

Tap for Praetor restore his shield. Hold for drain his shields and deals impact damage to enemies around. If Extinction is active energy cost is reduced by half.

4 – Extinction

Praetor becomes a walking destruction machine summoning two drones around his shoulders. Both drones will shoot whenever you fire with a primary, secondary or Archgun weapon.

Killing a enemy will instantly refill your magazine and give your drones +10% extra damage and 10% damage reduction to Praetor. This stacks up to 5 times.



– Finally Oracle. Being a melee based Frame, Oracle can be a pretty powerful choice but a dangerous one too. Sacrificing life to get more advantages is harsh but having a copy of your melee weapon fighting with you and your passive can help a lot.

Passive – +5% Life Steal on melee attacks.

Oracle has no energy, so she uses life instead of energy to use her abilities.

1 – Fortune (drain life for second)

Oracle summon a copy of her melee weapon floating around her. Whenever she attacks with her melee weapon the copy will do the same movement attacking.

2 – Fate (drain life on cast)

Oracle seals a enemy. That enemy will receive 150% extra damage from melee sources.

3 – Worship (drain life on cast)

Enemies bow down before Oracle open them for finishers.

4 – Waning Moon (drain life for second)

While blocking attacks Oracle with her melee weapon will send waves of destruction dealing slash damage to nearby enemies. This count as melee damage.

If Fortune is active, Oracle will block damage from all type of sources.


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