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Yes this is still going and will always be going. These are the new rules Ignis Wraith will forever be 0 plat as the Syndicate Community's gift to the Warframe Community.

Yes we see you Ignis scammers mass downvoting and manipulating the forum mods to take down the post we had there. You cant stop this no matter how hard you try the price is 0p deal with it.

How to participate

To get your personal batch of 6

  1. Go to
    syndicate - Free Ignis Wraith Supply Center
  2. Click #discord-role-setup on the center popup.
  3. Click the #9 reaction (this grants you the Ignis Wraith Comrade role which gives you an easy to use trimmed version of the our server).
  4. Go to #ignis-wraith-supply-center under the Warframe category.
  5. When you are online to receive a batch type your in game name and your MR. MR is because you must be MR 9 to obtain the Ignis Wraith we do not make this rule DE does. Please feel free to come back when you reach MR 9 if you are not yet there.
    1. Please refrain from other discussions in this channel such as casual greetings, this channel is business oriented the less unrelated spam it has the more people we can rely on to not mute the channel.
    2. Players on consoles other then PC will take a significant time until responded to as we do not yet have a discord for any console clans.
  6. Wait this may take a while for someone to contact you but you will be contacted.
  7. In game supplier list also available at the bottom of this post for those that wish to try this without discord these players have vowed to supply Ignis Wraiths. This is likely the harder method but for those that dislike discord the option is available.
    1. Players interested in joining this list please comment your in game name, platform, and "join list".

To become a supplier by purchasing a large batch of Ignis Wraith from our dojo

  1. Go to
    syndicate - Free Ignis Wraith Supply Center
  2. Close out the pop up welcome screen.
  3. Go to #requests-of-officers.
  4. Type your in game name, MR, and "Access to Ignis Wraith".
  5. Wait this may take a while for someone to contact you but you will be contacted.
  6. Once you have received your Ignis Wraith supply you have no obligation to the server or clan and are free to leave as you wish.

Utilize your clans supply of Ignis Wraith to support this process

  1. Go to
    syndicate - Free Ignis Wraith Supply Center
  2. Click #discord-role-setup on the center popup
  3. Click the #9 reaction
  4. Go to #ignis-wraith-supply-center under the warframe category
  5. Simply watch the channel for people requesting Ignis Wraith. Use the :Inprogress: react to signify you are getting it. :approved: to signify You have completed the request, :unavailable: to signify they where not able to respond to your DM's, and :denied: to signify there is a reason they can not get an Ignis Wraith.
  6. Also go to warframe.market And post 1000 of them at 1p this helps people who do not find this Reddit post and our server get them.
  7. When possible give players 6 Ignis Wraith instead of 1, this encourages supply saturation they will be able to give their 5 friends or clan mates an Ignis Wraith saving our supply chain the trouble.

How to Distribute your 5, bulk stack, or clan supply

  1. Go to warframe.market and place a sell order for 1p.
    1. Make sure to open warframe.market before each play session to ensure it registers you as logged in.
    2. When someone contacts you via warframe.market to buy please mark a "sold" unit for each Ignis Wraith you gave them to help influence the price chart.
  2. Post WTS orders in trade chat for free Ignis Wraiths.
  3. Watch either our discord channels #ignis-wraith-supply-center and use the servers :approved: react when you handle someone for us, or ask your warlord to forward the channel to one in your server.
  4. Set a trade chat filter for "Ignis Wraith" and respond to people wanting to buy it by offering it for free.

Alright guys now that we have clear cut instructions its time for all the unimportant sappy stuff.


New rule same as the old rules:

Last time we published this we had people go out of their way to DM and harass people who sell Ignis Wraith for plat. Yah don't do that Do not get yourself banned over those fools. Just put them on ignore list to deprive them of any sales from you in the future and call it a day. If you really wanna spite them set trade chat filter to "Ignis Wraith" and post "WTS Free " immediately after each of their sale posts that is the furthest you should take it.

Why we do this:

There are a lot of good reasons to do this. The big one is simply giving back to the community that has made the Syndicate clans so successful. We know the stigma of large clans evil, large clans don't love their members. The community has done a great job of looking past that stigma to recognize the efforts we make to make every player matter. Today we extend making every player matter past our own community walls and to all of you. It has always been Syndicate clans policy to never charge a clan member for Ignis Wraith, we are simply extending that policy to the community. And now a few additional reasons to do this.

  1. Fuck scammers charging 15p for this.
  2. Supporting newish players during warframes historical low point.
  3. Pride's massive ego requires constant approval from all of you.
  4. We do not need to be a guide of the lotus or a partner to help the community. We need only to identify what we have that others do not.

Rules blame DE for most of them:

  1. You must be MR9 to collect (DE rule).
  2. Must have 2FA account security (DE rule).
  3. You must accept 6 of them and pledge to distribute 5 for free (My rule).
  4. You will need 12,000 credits for the system wide trade tax and 0 credits for clan tax (DE rule).
  5. You will need to place any random item for trade we suggest ammo box its more worthless than an opinion (DE rule).

Players to contact for Ignis Wraith without visiting a discord

  1. Atilla0076
  2. LeakingAmps
  3. KaiWingless
  4. Violence
  5. James_Skyminer
  6. …huh
  7. LupaChalupa
  8. Rebore
  9. jazz
  10. Krugsmash
  11. DarkGamerZero
  12. eragonawesome
  13. ckae84
  14. TheLastCrazyPerson
  15. Lust
  16. Opyt
  17. TheodanePrime
  18. Leogaz
  19. Animisty
  20. Itztaytay
  21. FlameisTired
  22. Effion
  23. xomp
  24. Blue
  25. Naefu
  26. CortezTheConqueror
  27. DrLego
  28. Red.
  29. ThePurpleGuyCZ
  30. RawBeard
  31. xtrm_
  32. Lyrinux
  33. -The-Duck-
  34. Penguinbuddy91
  35. DeaconCuff
  36. MarkasLin
  37. OmegaForce
  38. Retvik
  39. RestInPizza
  40. Lu_Zanth
  41. TacentEvince
  42. L1ghtWolf
  43. Rinzu_
  44. Tdub415
  45. Man_in_White
  46. Amontadillo
  47. leosaurd
  48. Brighteyes161
  49. Supermike3
  50. Ghost_P
  51. TookSick (PS4 players only)
  52. metroid23 (PS4 players only)
  53. TheSinhound (PS4 players only
  54. Kakurine2 (PS4 players only)
  55. BiscuitsJoe (PS4 players only)
  56. ExoSin (Xbox players only)
  57. DEO WOLFHART (Xbox players only)
  58. FRICKEN PERSON (Xbox players only)
  59. bongheadbaz09 (Xbox players only)
  60. Micha Hana Park (Xbox players only)
  61. Sweatlock (Xbox players only)

If you would like added to the direct PM list please ask for it in comments, Once we have 50 PC players I will start crossing out the lowest names on the list, If you are already on the list and would like moved to the top please respond as so in comments.

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