Warframe8 - FULL THROTTLE ORB MOTHERS: An Elegy to Raids

So. I’ve had this idea for a while, but I felt really encouraged to post something about it after Flynn’s departure. I have a lot more to say on his matter, but that’s a different post.

TL:DR at bottom.

also iM oN mObIlE sOrRy fOr fOrMaTtInG and such

The orb mothers are amazing. I think the mission variety is great, I think the profit-taker and exploiter fight are stellar. I only have one issue with them; they are a struggle to grind out rewards, and when you do want to grind out specific things, you miss out on more than 3/4 of the entire profit taker gameplay.

So let me define the problems clearly, just so that there’s room for other solutions:

 •loading screens are bad. •long wait timers are bad. •There’s no bonus for doing well. 

So allow me to introduce to you, a potential solution to this issue,


The mission starts in the backroom, as a fifth mission in the profit taker menu. It only unlocks after you’ve beaten the fourth mission (kill profit taker). The mission is levels 50-70. There are no cutscenes or dialogue for any part of this mission.

Next, everyone gets in the elevator for matchmaking. But once you’re all there, you don’t immediately get to go out on the Vallis.

There’s an interact option on the elevator exit door, that all four players must hit before the door opens. Once this happens, a stopwatch will start.

After this, we move into the changes made to the phases.


 •The grate that takes you into Enrichment Labs is active from the start of the mission. 


part 1: fishing for chips

 •Dead quill no longer needs to be interacted with •Fishing zone is marked immediately •3 fish are spawned at once. only one fish must be caught •camp marker is shown the moment the fish is caught 

part 2: camp raid

 •players only have to interact with the control console at the chosen camp •upon the interaction occurring, three Scyto raknoids and one Kyta raknoid spawn. •Once aforementioned raknoids are killed, the camp is auto-captured. 

part 3: drone rescue

 •Upon reaching the drone, three hyenas, three jackals, and three raptors will spawn. •One all of these are slain, the phase ends. •The next phase immediately starts after. You do not need to go back to fortuna to interact with little duck. 

Why: In this first phase, there is a lot of waiting. 2 different capture timers AND fishing. Changing it to killing enemies places it in the skill of the players, making the entire run feel more cohesive.


 •All three directors spawn the moment the phase begins. •Ambulases (ambulai?) spawn immediately after the directors die. •The briefcase must be taken back to fortuna’s door. After that, phase 3 begins. 

Why: Spawns felt kinda jank with this mission, so forcing them to be instant will help gameplay feel better overall. This mission is already really speed-cohesive, so there aren’t many changes


 •The console doesn’t need to be interacted with in order for it to “break”. The satellite and inside console both are available to be interacted with from the start of the mission. •Inside of Enrichment Labs, there is a new “Release Lockdown” button inside the sentient research cube in the very back room. This opens all doors. Permanently. •Profit Taker gets bombarded from wherever biz’s missiles are, BUT is vulnerable for the entire duration of her climbing down. Either that or have her yeet off the roof, just make the wait time between missiles and fighting less. •The full profit taker fight occurs. She will die in the courtyard of Enrichment Labs. 

Why: This mission felt reasonable the first time through, but after completing it once it loses a lot of the value – such as having to break the lockdown release every single time. Making it so you don’t have to “break” the console system and such will help everything feel smoother. Another small change is allowing players to force the doors of Enrichment Labs open, making it so they don’t have to leave through the vents and go the long way and fly/run/skateboard allllll the way back to the courtyard. Since there’s also no need to “gather data” from profit taker, the whole fight can take place in the courtyard as well. More changes on her covered in the next segment.



 •Profit taker has every capability she does in the phase four fight, but starts in the courtyard of Enrichment. She can move around in the court, but cannot climb the walls. If she makes it out a gate she can wander around the vallis. •IF Profit Taker is in said courtyard and goes into pylon phase, the pylons are spawned in scripted locations that aren’t unreasonable. If not, they are done as they are currently. •Profit Taker skips her death animation. She just instantly explodes when her health reaches zero. At that exact moment, the stopwatch stops. This will then bring the up the end screen. 

Why: it only makes sense to have this fight take place in enrichment’s court. Cutting the death animation results in us having a really consistent time to end the stopwatch on.


Part one: Points and Scores

Remember that stopwatch from earlier? This is where it matters. Depending on your time, you will get more reward points (see part B for their use). You’ll always get at least five. There also will be an in-game leaderboard, although there won’t be any reward for being at the top. The following table is for measurements:

WARNING: these are approximate. I’d need testing with a group of 4 to see what should be reasonable and I don’t have the time nor friends for that ;-; however if you want to do it I’ll be incredibly thankful!

 • x > 20 min = +0 (five total) • 17:30 < x < 20 = +1 (six total) • 15:30 < x < 17:30 = +2 (seven total) • 14:00 < x < 15:30 = +3 • 13:00 < x < 14:00 = +4 • 12:00 < x < 13:00 = +5 • 11:00 < x < 12:00 = +6 • 10:00 < x < 11:00 = +7 • For every minute under 10, add a reward. 

Part two: Cards and Pools

Once profit taker blows up, a rewards screen will be brought up. This shows five different “cards” – the best example of this is found in the Nightwave menu, when you click “tune in”. These cards show each one of the different phases of profit taker, and then profit taker herself. You can put your different reward points into categories of your choosing. This will then randomly roll for each category, as if you did the mission that many times. Profit Taker’s gives you 125k credits the first time, and then 25k less every time after (stopping at 25k), a Crimsa toroid each roll, and her mod drop pool.

So let’s say you want a specific relic that’s in the phase one reward pool, and you got a time of 15:00. This means you get (5+3=) 8 rewards. So you put all of them into the phase one card, and get 8 chances at said relic.

Let’s say you want a lot of credits. Like an absolute ton. You and your highly coordinated team get a 12:30, giving you 10 rewards. You put all of this into profit taker’s pool. This nets you (125+100+75+50+25+25+25+25+25+25=) 500k credits. This sounds like a lot. But people are already doing profit takers in less than four minutes, and at that rate they’re getting ~400k credits in the same time this group took.

Or you could put a few in each pool, or any combination. Free choice.

I’d also like to see other important resources in the drop tables, like kuva/rivens, some arcanes, or other saucy items. However this is already a gargantuan post and my phone can barely handle typing this out … Regardless.

TL:DR A condensed version of all of profit taker’s bounties (no loading screens between all four) with rewards semi-chosen by the players, and bonuses given for being fast.

No full throttle for exploiter, yet. I’d need to put thought into it to write lead-up missions for her.

Thank you so much for the read. I know it’s a lot. But I’ve needed to get this out for a long time. I’ll definitely be taking all feedback I can get!


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