FYI: Warframe is not “pay to win” and people stating otherwise are not familiar with the game

Warframe14 - FYI: Warframe is not "pay to win" and people stating otherwise are not familiar with the game

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2019 08 15 what we can learn from warframe - FYI: Warframe is not "pay to win" and people stating otherwise are not familiar with the game

which is otherwise a great article, a recommended read.

Problem quotes:

But from deconstructing Warframe's model, I've discovered two things: monetisation is incredibly deep, and it is pay to win.

Warframe offers players the ability to purchase items — such as premium skins known as Prime Warframes — that offer strict competitive advantage. This is commonly seen as a big 'no' in PC and console free-to-play titles. How does Warframe not only get away with it, but also appear player friendly?

The thing is, every single starting frame… is going to be about the same, pretty much useless against any type of high level enemies. There are some minor exceptions. Some frames will take you a bit farther than others. Nidus can do some amazing things without any mods. But for the most part, lacking strong mods frames will be mostly dealing damage from weapons and dying a lot.

So how to make them strong? It takes a full set of mods. Which are usually acquired by playing the game for hours and hours. Ok, but you can trade with other players for the mods. Yes, if you have put the time in to raise your MR, then you gain the ability to trade. The more you raise your MR the more trades you can make per day. Eventually you can enough trades to flesh out your mod collection. You may be able to get most of what you want for about 1000p or so,.


BUT… this is not enough. The mods are going to be weak. To make them strong you need endo… lots and lots of endo. Again… you can trade with other players to get anasas which can be converted to endo. Another 500p spent, maybe more.

THEN… you are going to need some arcanes. Two ideal maxed arcanes (energize + guardian) will probably run 3000p or so.

Now you have a strong warframe… but your weapons absolutely suck. Repeat the cycles again… where you buy mods then buy endo, and do it three times, for primaries, secondaries and melee weapons.

Oops… we forgot something. Focus schools. There are absolutely no trade mechanics that will allow you to bypass this process. All the previous will have made the grind easier… but realistically this will be a 1/2 year minimum grind to max out the schools, two solid months to max a school and unlock waybounds.

And then another slight problem on the path to P2W greatness. Resources. Frames bought from players will need to be crafted, and the crafting will often require resources from all over the star chart. They… can possibly be bought from the marketplace for plat… but it is probably going to run 500p per frame.

And finally, at the end…..

In a coop game, what are you winning?

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