Garuda: Combo Absurdity

Warframe10 - Garuda: Combo Absurdity

Okay, so I learned this trick all on my own and am very excited about it, so forgive me if it's already been posted ad nauseum.

I was fiddling around with Garuda today and she's a lot of fun, but I discovered something outrageous.

When you use Blood Altar, the enemy is suspended and is completely immune to all forms of damage. What it is NOT immune to, however, is proccing status. Sure, it's immune to the damage, but slash procs still activate, for 0 damage each.

What this means is you can combine a weapon with overwhelming Slash damage (like Garuda's Talons) that can guarantee slash procs, with Relentless Combination, which causes each slash tick to increment the combo counter. A cloud of 0s coming off the target will shoot your combo counter up to insane levels, and can be augmented by combo duration mods, the Namaron school, and Lasting Sting. With the combo counter so high, Weeping Wounds can be used for a nearly 100% slash proc rate on Garuda's claws with only a 2.5x modifier and Drifting Contact, without adding any Dual Status mods.

And if you dislike Garuda's signature claws, you can pair this with Venka Prime for even more devastation from it's increased combo counter increments.

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