Give me a minute. That was my ship.

Warframe1 - Give me a minute. That was my ship.

Just wanted to comment on a particular portion of the Railjack workshop in more detail.

I'm an avid fan of the mode. It has many shortcomings, sure, if anything it was obvious that it wasn't fully polished and some sort of larger change would come sooner or later. However, Railjack always provided unique feelings to the game, by addressing the need for cooperation and the fantasy of leadership in a way that no other mode in Warframe did.

Firstly, building the ship has always been a milestone that gives a sense of accomplishment. It wasn't that hard, especially since it was streamlined once before, but it was just hard enough to feel like yes, you've gotten far enough into the game to earn your own starship, it was something. Being able to captain the ship also made me feel like I'm helping players experience more of the game and giving them something to look forward to as they progress for themselves. Being able to simply buy a Railjack for plat strongly devalues all of this. To be fair, I rarely agree with Stevee, but I think he was really on the ball when designing the progression for unlocking the Railjack. It was pretty much the only thing in the game that gave you a tangible sense of making progress in the game's world. Now it feels like a DLC you can get for free if you grind long enough, and the tried and true issue of platinum being easier to farm than many resources comes back to undermine the process.

Much more importantly than that, Your Railjack was always your own. You got to customize it, decide how it works and how it's used, what's it good at and where it lacks. Joining a Railjack mission gave you a different experience depending on whose ship you were on. People in clans would develop preferences on whose ship they like gridning on more. It gave the game a lot of personality and the ability to express yourself as a captain of the ship.

With everyone being able to bring their own stuff, it's no longer your ship. It's everyone's ship. Everyone's the captain, meaning nobody's the captain. It's not necessarily terrible, this take has its advantages, lets people follow in their comfort zone, but I despise it. It takes away a unique feature of Warframe that's seldom found in other games, as few titles let you build a ship manned by other people. It was a great feeling to build and share your ship with people, but that's no longer the case. There's also no longer any incentive to making your own Railjack, as anyone's Railjack is your own Railjack. I don't understand this change because the mode wasn't inaccessible before. You could have joined a mission easily, and the only incentive to build your own Railjack was to be able to customize it your way, which is no longer an issue. I feel like with this one change discards the identity of Railjack on its own.


My final problems are the removal of shared ammo and railjack-specific energy pools. These changes, combined with the fact that everyone brings their own stuff, mean that there's no incentive to co-operate with other players. You can really just do your thing next to them, since nobody even knows what you're equipped for anyway, not even the ship's captain. Communication goes out the window when everyone enters with their own game plan and all the tools to execute it.

Now, I admit this was already a problem in Railjack. The mode was a bit too easy, so often people would just do whatever and not even speak, but I would have preferred this to be addressed instead of being made the norm. We're going back to the experience of playing defense, where every player just stands in their preferred corner doing something, nobody caring what that something is, as if playing a single-player game with other people on the same map.

Railjack was about building a tool and sharing it with people, who helped you use it to best challenges in your wake, while working together using resources acquired and spent as a team. Now it's a bunch of people playing a vehicle section on some weird moving platform. There's no sense of identity or idea of crew, as the design solutions that provided the basis for these experiences have been discarded instead of being perfected.

This isn't a loss of just the Railjack experience, but also another time the game loses an organic form of difficulty, which came from the cooperation promoted by Railjack gameplay, and is now replaced with the same power fantasy the rest of the game provides.

This is not to say that I dislike all the changes. If anything was proof that the original release of Railjack was rushed, it was that we only had one game mode, and I'm happy to see now ones being added. I'm simply unhappy that Railjack will no longer differ from the game's other modes in more than scenery.

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