Greywolf‘s Guide to Orphix Venom (for absolute lemmings)

Warframe2 - Greywolf‘s Guide to Orphix Venom (for absolute lemmings)

Hello there, fellow tenno. As you may have noticed – unless you got stuck in an isolation vault – another wave of Sentient invasion is here, and this time, they brought our old friend, the Onorix.

Good news is, we already know how to kill them, bad news is, someone told them how to disable warframes. In lieu of impotently shaking our fists and yelling “Ballas!”, or possibly “Natah!”, let’s talk about how to kill them.

Our allies are 1 (one) doormat of a husband, who really should have gone for divorce instead of trying to rebuild his entirely abusive family and… that’s pretty much it. At least he’s sassy now.

Still better than the Old Empire.

So, how not to be an absolute lemming who induces a tremendous amount of rage in his squadmates?

Who is this for?

This guide is meant for those of you who go quickly dashing into the action with whomever happens to be at hand at the moment.

If you are part of a, let’s call it a professional squad, with prearranged roles, this guide has little to offer you, since you probably managed to figure out even the general advice in here.

The setup

You will be carrying a bunch of absolute lemmings on your back, giving them the benefit of your hard work, and receiving nothing in return, least of all thanks. Accept it now, let the salt flow through you.

You will board a grineer or corpus ship (no infested this time) and do your best to make sure taking it is far too expensive to be worth it to the Sentients. This will be done by causing massive casualties to the rampaging software.

Center around which this all revolves is the Orphix sentient, aka Big Nasty, aka Notorious Big, aka Slim Shady. He… she… it has a pair of tentacles on the front, and a slit with an orb on the back, and the implications are as unfortunate as you think.

Big Nasty is also invulnerable to pretty much anything you can throw at it if the slit at the back, the one with the orb, is closed. To open it, you must destroy Orphix resonators, aka pop his zits. This would be much easier if it didn’t emit a spherical field around it that disabled warframes. But it does. Yay. Continue with impotent fist-shaking.

Every third Big Nasty carries some sort of loot with him. I have absolutely no idea why that would be, but Sentients are malfunctioning terraforming program turned malware as it is, so logic is possibly not their best suit. The important thing is that this loot is taken from three distinct pools that cycle in AABC pattern.

Every Big Nasty can also be salvaged for Phasic cells, aka Daddy sugar – that name should give you an idea of what to do with it. You will need a massive pile of it, because Vilcor somehow managed to get his hands on a treasure trove of arcanes, somehow. You will learn, as I did, not to question these things.

The gear

You will need some. Obviously.


Does not matter. You will be spending your time in Operator or Necramech form most of the time.

A word of advice, though, don’t take Excal Umbra with you. The sprightly gremlin likes to run around, and you will get mighty disoriented if you happen to get punched out of Operator form. He can’t enter the field around Orphix anyway.


Arguable more important than Necramech. You will want a beefy setup with considerable damage even if you have a mech, just in case of it getting destroyed.

The beefines can be achieved by focus or arcanes, it doesn’t matter which that much. Magus Husk and Magus Vigor are the ones you’re looking for. Magus Lockdown works well enough for more survivability, provided you remember to dash.

Magus elevate, on the other hand, is basically useless, since you won’t be using a warframe and it doesn’t work on Necramechs. Replace it with Husk or Vigor if you don’t have focus nodes that increase your health and armor.

The amp

Big Nasty is immune to lingering effects of elemental weapons, so anything relying on status is out. You will want the best amp possible focused on critical hits, and you will want it to have some range. Cantic prism works pretty well in my experience.

For your arcane, you will want something that doesn’t rely on status, and since Big Nasty doesn’t really have a head, your only good choice is Virtuous strike.

The mech

Voidrig for life. Represent.

Seriously though, Bonewidow kind of sucks at the best of time, although this time, we won’t be using Arquebex that much. What gives Voidrig the biggest advantage is its shield, seeing as we will be spending lion’s share of time surrounded by enemies we ignore.

If you need to use some of the mechs lying around… it’s not the end of the world. You may be more effective with a fully upgraded amp, but it’s a close thing.

The archgun

I haven’t tried all of them, but here are those that I did, from worst to best. You will want to mod them for corrosive, and keep in mind status is useless, so go for critical hits. How do those even work, anyway? Maaybe we should take a weapon apart one of these days to figure it out.


Velocitus: Absolutely terrible, you need 10 or so fully charged shots to take a Big Nasty down. Avoid.

Fluctus: Goes through all the walls. That would make it absolutely perfect if not for two fatal errors – numer one, markers for zits aren’t placed on the zits if zits are in another room, they are on the doors, so you can’t tell where they are when you most need it. Two, it can’t hurt Big Nasty for… some reason? This is what happens when we loose our tech knowledge, folks. You can run it with Arquebex for Big Nasty, if you want to.

Imperator Vandal: Good, but not great. Goes brrrrt, as it should.

Kuva Ayanga: Surprisingly great, arched shots sometimes let you hit zits indirectly, as does splash damage. Good for cleaning up enemies that aren’t Big Nasty.

Mausolon: Shockingly great. Its secondary works well and can almost one-shot even later Big Nasty waves, its primary can take them out in one mag, works decently well on zits. Probably the best archgun to use.

Standard Operating Procedure

With that out of the way, you’re strapped with guns and ready to go. So what do you do in a mission?

Well, Sentients being as they are – which is to say an aggressive Clippy – they aren’t terribly varied in their approach. Every ship has exactly 3 locations they attack, and they will always send a new attack exactly 1:30 after the last one. Once you make your landing, the first one will descend on location we will call A.

After its defeat, location B will be attacked, and after that location C.

The pattern of attacks is thus: ABCC and after that repeating of ABBACC.

You can use this pattern to always be where the Big Nasty is about to be.

You can use your operator dash or warframe to move quickly between locations, if you don’t have enough time to lumber there in a mech.

Once Big Nasty arrives, he will create a bunch of zits – you need to pop those in order to open up his back and shoot his… orb. You can do this with your archgun, or with your operator. Operator is faster at getting to where you need to be, if you practiced your dashes.

As an aside, zits are surprisingly vulnerable to operator melee attacks – if your amp sucks, stand as close to the zit as you can and hit it with void blast. This zit is not of the infested variety, so you’ll avoid being covered in slime, at least, which is a nice break from what we have to do on Deimos.

Big Nasty, or rather his orb, is best killed with an archgun, since it is significantly harder to kill than a zit. If you have Mausolon, use its secondary on it. This pattern of pop zits, shoot orb needs to be repeated twice before Big Nasty finally bites it.

Recharge Mausolon secondary on random, unfortunate corpus or grineer between Sentient attacks.

After 12 of the Big Nasties are killed, leave. Sure, staying longer will get you, theoretically, more Daddy sugar, but in practice? With a squad of random tenno you just met? It’s faster to go onto another ship before the Sentients start to ramp up their armor plating.

Tips and Tricks

Leave the salt at home, on your fries. You’ll be happier for it.

If you want to be sweaty, find tenno as sweaty as you are and go have fun. Uncoordinated squads will just make you sad.

Don’t be an ass. Everyone wants to shoot the Big Nasty, no one wants to pop zits. At least don’t stand so close to the Big Nasty the others can’t shoot.

Don’t buy Cedo parts and blueprints from Vilcor. You can loot the Big Nasty for those. Be patient.

Look. I know Lotus makes weird would-be-poetic transmissions, and I kind of get it. I miss Margulis too. But. Margulis, real Margulis, is long dead, and all we have left is what Natah became after two different mindwipes. When she was Lotus, she used to look like and act kind of like Margulis, and those of us that figured it out just went with it, because we felt sorry for the abused AI. Point is, this Natah isn’t Lotus, and definitely isn’t Margulis, so focus on the job in front of you: killing her friends.

They want to kill us right back, after all, and our dogs too.

So, go forth out there and make Sol system a better place by wiping out countless hordes. Nobody said we tenno are nice.

Out of character

As you probably noticed, this guide is written entirely in-universe. Some bits couldn’t be addressed like that, so here they are now.

Host migration still sucks and resets Big Nasty spawn pattern. I’m not sure if it goes right back to the start or if it goes back to ABBACC bit or what exactly. If anyone knows, feel free to let me know.

There are bugs and annoyances. Not as many as in Isolation vaults, but that’s not a high bar to clear, is it? For now, you sometimes clip through the floor and sometimes transference weirdly teleports you. Be prepared for those.

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