Grineer bow concept: Graklek

Warframe10 - Grineer bow concept: Graklek

Because I checked the shop and couldn't find any Grineer themed bows.

Named for the sound it makes as it's drawn back, the Graklek ratcheting compound bow was developed for the singular purpose of breaching the armored plates of Corpus bursa units. Unlike other bows, Graklek holds its charge when holstered (rounded down to the last "click"), allowing it to be drawn back prior to deployment or in lulls of the battle and fired quickly in times of need. To further its functionality against armored Corpus robotics, each bolt has a small EMP emmiter that's charged as the bolt is released and fires when the bolt can no longer penetrate an object that it's collided with.


Holstering the weapon while charging a shot will store whatever charge you've built up rounded down to the last increment passed (there are 6 of these including the fully drawn position). When re-equipped, the targeting reticle will be blue instead of its usual red. Use primary fire to continue charging the bow (turning the retical red again) and prepare it for firing again. Naturally you can press the reload button at any time that it's unholstered to release the charge without firing.


Damage types: 200 puncture, 180 impact per hit with another 300 magnetic dealt only when the projectile explodes.

Crits: 30% chance, 2.0 multiplier

Status: 50%

Charge time: 1 second

Noise: Silent when firing, alarming every time the bow clicks while charging (Draw back noise IS affected by hush).

Punch through: Passing each increment adds .5m punch through per click, up to 3m unmodded. Note that you do not gain .5 punch through until PASSING the first click, meaning you can't quite quick-fire through a shield lancer's shield, but almost.



Graklek takes the form of a metal C-shape made with right angles about 1 cubit in height and 1 1/2 in length (cubit = distance from your elbow to the tip of your fingers). Rather than drawing power from the bow flexing, the points where the string connects to the frame move backwards as it's drawn back, and tension is stored through internal springs and pully systems unseen from the outside. On the upper and lower limbs of the bow are external, normally extended pistons that retract in pairs (top and bottom) with every click of the bow to lock in tension. These all release simultaneously when the bow is fired to allow the string to move forward.


During Grineer seige missions, this bow can be found on Grineer archer units, female Grineer somewhere between the sizes of scorpions and heavy gunners. These enemies normally use a marelok to engage their opponents, charging their grakleks (if they're uncharged) whenever they're behind cover. The ONLY time they'll discharge their bow is in the presence of an enemy tenno, ambulas, amalgam, or bursa unit, a practice drilled into them in the name of constant readiness (that 1 second draw time gets a bit longer when you're a non-tenno engaging an explosive lobbing machine). While they will recharge their bow in the open if they have no other option, typically archers will seek cover after every graklek shot to improve their survivability just that little bit more, with priority of course going to whatever hides them from what they just fired it at.

And that's the end of my little weapon proposal. Thanks you all for reading, and let me know what you think! 😀

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