[Guide] Solo High Risk Index Strategy – Nova

Warframe13 - [Guide] Solo High Risk Index Strategy - Nova

I'd like to share a strategy I've been using in the Index ever since I started a new account a few months ago.

The strategy is pretty simple. You just have to camp and kill, but DO NOT pick up the points (unless there are very few points left to finish the round). The specters will take care of scoring for you. Specters' shield, health and damage scale with enemies', so they are always pretty decent point holders.

After some time, I recommend you leave to reset enemy level, otherwise it will just take longer to kill them and that will slow everything down. I normally leave within 10~20min.

You can also last over an hour in the Index with this strategy, to get that Prodman Autograph, but do note that by the 40min mark, you'll be mostly slowing enemies down.

"How efficient is this?"

I can consistently complete 4~5 rounds in 10min.

"Why camp?"

The idea is to have all, or most, of the points in the same area. The points will draw enemies and allies to that area, because that's how their AI works. So, you don't need to play hide 'n' seek around the map.

"Where should I camp?"

You should camp right by the bank location where your team must deposit points.

"Why there?"

That's where most enemies will respawn. Should you die, the enemy team will have to collect a lot of points (that actually takes a while), be delayed a bit further by your specters team, and then cross the map. Since you'll respawn across the designated bank location of your team, you can easily intercept enemies mid-way and retrieve the points.

"What is my role/What should I do?"

You're in charge of killing everything that pops up in your radar as soon as possible. You have to pay a lot of attention to your radar and manage your energy well enough to keep Molecular Prime up most of the time.



The build for Nova in this strategy is kinda cheap, so new players can try it as well.

nw7lfxjk83v31 - [Guide] Solo High Risk Index Strategy - Nova


"Arcane Guardian" isn't necessary, but it helps.

You can swap "Primed Continuity" for "Continuity". Also, I still don't have ENDO to max "Narrow Minded", but R5-R6 still works fine. "Vitality" doesn't need to be maxed (I just maxed it recently), and "Redirection" is optional.

You must use a mod to show Enemies in your radar (preferably "Vigilante Pursuit"). It will allow you to just snap your aim towards an enemy, instead of manually scanning the area for a moving target. This will enhance the amount of Kills you can get over a period of time.

As for weapon, I normally use the Fulmin for this.

w5dwsuf093v31 - [Guide] Solo High Risk Index Strategy - Nova


Even with a standard Crit+Hunter Munitions build, I could still get 4 rounds in 10 minutes (I used way more formas than necessary in the screenshot above). If you have a riven/better mods, it will just perform even better. Feel free to recommend other weapons for the Index.

Having Zenurik's Energizing Dash helps a ton, but you can do without it as well, by picking energy orbs in set locations.


NOTE: Last time I tested, Wukong Specter was NOT picking points. I don't know if DE has fixed it yet, but this can heavily affect your performance.

Link to forum post: https://forums.warframe.com/topic/1136024-guide-solo-high-risk-index-strategy-nova/

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