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Warframe13 - Guides of the Lotus Visibility

I've been riding the wave of all these posts about the current burning situation and noticed something that happens a LOT, both here AND ingame, and I wanted to highlight it for at least a moment.

The "Guides of the Lotus" are supposed to be a group of volunteers that is sanctioned by DE to actively help out newer players, right?

So why is it that every time their name comes up, it's always IMMEDIATELY followed with "If you don't know what that is…" or something like "You may not be aware of this group". As a group that is supposed to be there to help newer players, shouldn't they be more memorable than that? Shouldn't that be more of a "you know, Those Guys…" type of thing?

I played for about a year very early on, fell off of Warframe, and came back a little while ago, but I've literally never seen a Guide of the Lotus. Ever. I've never seen the "Special armor set" in Relays, or the special chat tag in relay or region chat.

The Forum tag is a moot point, because I usually don't go on the Warframe forums.

Something like this, that's supposedly there as a resource for newer players to learn the game (And lets be honest, you really need somebody like that to explain things to you, a reason I recommend getting into a clan at your closest convenience) should really be a lot more visible than it seems to be right now, shouldn't it?

Additional: Apparently if you end a title phrase in an ellipsis, your entire post is automatically culled as clickbait.

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