Heart of Deimos but it’s an SCP

Warframe13 - Heart of Deimos but it's an SCP

Item#: SCP-5092

Clearance level 5: Top Secret

Unauthorized access is grounds for immediate termination.

Object Class: Keter

Disruption Class: 5/Amida

Risk Class: 5/Critical

Special Containment Procedures:

SCP-5092 is contained via installed reconnaissance personnel with direct communication to MTF ("Dreamers"), which conduct regular sorties in response to object agitation. Sortie units are equipped with weapons capable of engaging hostile entities numbering in excess of at once, in addition to refurbished vehicles recovered from the surface of SCP-5092. A no-fly zone measuring 10,000 km in radius is maintained around the object at all times, with a BARRIER array installed at the perimeter's border.


SCP-5092 is the result of coming into contact with Deimos, the second natural satellite of Mars, breaching its prior containment and utterly transforming the cosmic body into a hive-like structure for . SCP-5092, as a result of the transformation, contains its own artificial biosphere, including breathable oxygen, although previous studies of has marked the presence of an atmosphere as unnecessary. SCP-5092 was previously contained within the satellite via an ancient implanted containment unit designated as SCP-5092-D currently.

SCP-5092 exhibits a level of sentience of its own, albeit hostile to all non- entities, and expresses its desire to consume any non- personnel or entities via a localized telepathic field. SCP-5092 will, on occasion, communicate with MTF and recon personnel present on its surface through this field, and will attempt to convince personnel to "embrace" . MTF and recon personnel, upon discovery of the previously mentioned telepathic field, are equipped with telepathic blockers, anti-memetic equipment and failsafe detonite charges.

SCP-5092 is inhabited by additional entities, most of which being hostile to MTF and recon, the most dangerous of said entities being SCP-5092-A and SCP-5092-B (See attached image document). SCP-5092-A is a large entity comprised of biomass, measuring several hundred meters in height, the "head" of which emits a bright orange glow. SCP-5092-B is near identical to SCP-5092-A, with the main differences being a bright blue glow from the "head" and slightly different anatomical construction. In timed intervals, either SCP-5092-A or -B will emerge from within SCP-5092, with the emerging entity engaging and wounding the already present entity. The entity emerging will fire a powerful biotic energy beam at the "head" of the already present entity, decapitating it. The entity being decapitated does not appear to actually die from this attack, and will swing wildly as it retreats below the surface of SCP-5092 to regenerate and repeat the cycle.

Once the already present entity has been wounded, entities collectively identified as SCP-5092-C will undergo molecular and chemical alternations, which are signified by the bioluminescent glow of these entities matching the luminescent "blood" of either entities being wounded. The molecular and chemical alterations SCP-5092-C entities undergo has been noted to change traits such as aggression, awareness, physical strength, bioweapon effectiveness and speed. Research for a method to cease the aggressive behavior at emergence of either SCP-5092-A or -B is currently ongoing. SCP-5092-C entities are an alternate form of entities, and have been designated within recovered data logs of the prior containment facilities as . SCP-5092-C entities have also, in addition to revealing the existence of a more powerful strain, introduced previously unknown and completely foreign combat forms of inexplicable origin.


SCP-5092-D are the sole inhabitants of SCP-5092 that ally with foundation personnel. The entities comprising SCP-5092-D identify as members of the "Entrati", an ancient and clandestine steward of SCP-5092, who were placed by the millennia prior. SCP-5092-D entities actively seek to contain or minimize the impact of SCP-5092 and all hostile entities therein, which has resulted in MTF and recon personnel being instructed to not hinder said entities in their activities, and have occasionally been requested to assist. SCP-5092-D personnel have remained instrumental to the containment of SCP-5092 via providing information, vehicles and weapon assets to MTF squads conducting agitation response sorties on the surface of SCP-5092.

SCP-5092-K are a group of entities comprised of partially biomass, yet maintain neutral behavior towards MTF sorties and recon units. Entities within this group display territorial behavior, and will remain unaggressive so long as personnel avoid their hunting and breeding grounds. Studies conducted on recovered specimen have revealed these entities to be highly evolved and . Remains acquired from field operations belonging to deceased SCP-5092-K specimen have allowed research teams to determine that these entities were artificially introduced to SCP-5092 well into the satellites reformatting into a hive. SCP-5092-K entities retain the basic shape, mass and intelligence of their non- counter parts, though they now possess increased strength, speed, heightened sensory organs, specialized absorptive dermis and complex respiratory filtration systems. Feline variety of SCP-5092-K entities possess additional claw and fang protrusions from their paws and mouth, along with all previously mentioned traits excluding a specialized respiratory system.

SCP-5092-1 is the only subject not found on the SCP-5092 itself, and was recovered from an archeological dig which resulted in the locating of an ancient city within canyon sized underground caves of Mars. The object depicts the majority of the inhabitants on SCP-5092, save for SCP-5092-D and SCP-5092-K entities, with the art style bearing many similarities to and other artistic depictions of entities belonging to . SCP-5092-1 depicts SCP-5092-A and -B in the background, with 3 new entities belonging to SCP-5092-C classification. In order of appearance, SCP-5092-A "Vome" (top right), SCP-5092-B "Fass" (top left), SCP-5092-C "Bone Blade" (bottom left), SCP-5092-C "Femur" (bottom center), SCP-5092-C "Ashen" (bottom right). Additional studies of newly discovered SCP-5092-C entities and their capabilities are ongoing.

Attached Documents:

drsrpubw2rf51 - Heart of Deimos but it's an SCP
SCP-5092-1 and its illustration of SCP-5092 hostile inhabitants.

ConfusedWarframe - Heart of Deimos but it's an SCP

Addendum: Observational Notes

1A: MTF ("Dreamers") personnel being deployed for the first time experienced reality warping anomalies, which were revealed to be a form of insectoid creatures of common variety, which are known to form a parasitic bond with reality on a local scale. Such warps in reality resulted in a variety of incidents, including kilotons of recovered materials in varying forms vanishing on an effectively matter destroying level, bypassing conservation of mass entirely. On orders of Ex5-Terminus Actual, all MTF ("Dreamers") personnel are equipped with direct communication to MTF Delta-5-R ("Hot Fixers"), who have been limiting the infestation of the creatures by .

2A: MTF ("Dreamers") sorties sent into the cave systems of SCP-5092 have reported that the passageways appear to be anomalous in function, aside from being completely consumed by biomass. The cave system appears non-Euclidean in architecture, capable of spawning SCP-5092-C en masse, along with an anomalous shifting properly, manifesting via the cave systems ability to rearrange itself when not in line of sight. Research as to whether these properties are a result of the overall sentience of SCP-5092 is ongoing, however current hypothesis point to these properties as a form of defense mechanism.

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