Helminth Feeding Guide To Non-Bankruptcy

Warframe4 - Helminth Feeding Guide To Non-Bankruptcy

So I've seen a lot of people complaining about how the Helminth Chrysalis system has eaten up all their resources and some complaints about Bile. Which, like, I'm stupefied by, since that's actually one of the easiest categories.

General Rule for Max Resource Efficiency:

  • You will get back the Green Arrow within 1-2 days, depending on how often you've fed it that resource. Patience, if you don't want to be bankrupt!

In terms of what resources you should feed it, here are my suggestions. I chose them depending on the amount per 'Feed' and the accessibility of the resource.

Oxides – Alloy Plates and Ferrite only. Other things are too hard to come by in comparison to how much you need to feed it every time. Edit: Totally forgot Salvage!

CalxRubedo and Grokdul, maybe Iradite. I have a lot of Iradite from PoE, but from what I remember, I think Iradite drops in amounts of 3-5 so it may take a little longer than Grokdul. Edit: just played the Free Roam Sortie, got like 30 Iradite and 10 Grokdul. Higher level bounty gives more. Edit: Lucent Teroglobes, easily acquired through Deimos containers.

BioticsGANGLION. Holy crap, Deimos has just dropped and I have so much of it already. Nistlepod and Pustulite seems to be good candidates too. Edit: Equipping Botanist mod on Oxylus will allow you to passively scan plants, and boy does Helminth like plants!


Synthetics – This is probably the least sustainable. For people who've played a lot, they should have plentiful Circuits, Detonite Ampules, Fieldron Samples, and Control Modules, but it does require an enormous amount of each that you'll only have a stockpile if you've played at least a medium amount.

PheromonesNanospores. Plus, you only need 3 Juggernaut parts to feed it, which should also be plentiful due to Deimos' high Juggernaut spawn rate. Other stuff should be non-sustainable due to lower drop rates in comparison to number you need to feed it, but of course, if you have a huge stockpile, you might has well use it.

Bile is filled up by Thermal Sludge, which you can get easily by opening a few containers around the Orb Vallis during bounties, and just 3 Argon Crystals, which are also easily gotten from containers at the end of Isolation Vaults, Deimos, or in 5-10 min of Void Survival with a farming frame if you want to be old fashioned.

Important: DON'T TOUCH RAILJACK RESOURCES, IT'S A SCAM! Not because the resources are rare or anything, it's actually because Railjack is so unconnected to regular gameplay that you will rarely get to play that mode for any reason than xp, and therefore, also get less of it's 'common' resources. Until the next expansion, that is.

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