Hildryn blueprint is bought at max rank from vox solaris

Warframe4 - Hildryn blueprint is bought at max rank from vox solaris

Can this not be a trend? Especially when the daily standing cap is a thing. I guess sorry I don't farm toroids/fight profit-taker constantly. End rant.

Edit now that I have time and thoughts to expand on my angst:

Getting to max rank with Vox Solaris requires being at max rank with Solaris United. You have to rank all the way up with two syndicates to get Hildryn. I'm currently sitting at MR21 so I'll use my numbers as an example. If I previously had no interes in Fortuna/Orb Vallis, but wanted to obtain Hildryn, I'd have to hit my daily standing limit with both syndicates every day for no fewer than 12 days. This, I believe, is a good sign that the syndicate system needs a change, but that's another conversation. I'm at max rank with Solaris United, and a low Hand in Vox Solaris. I don't think those are unreasonably low. Assuming I use the profit-taker as my main source of standing, there are currently a minimum of 32 profit-takers and 9 days of waiting until I get access to her blueprint, plus the 3 days of crafting. If it were just cosmetics or crazy mods at the end, it wouldn't be such a problem, but this is a non-prime frame which isn't particularly special. Why does she get this treatment when few others get a fraction of it?

I was slightly annoyed at RNG when I was farming for Gara and Revenant, but I'd rather do those 10 times over before doing this, because I could get those two in a day if I really dedicated myself to it and had luck on my side. We were promised Fortuna would be less of a grind, but it's feeling like the opposite.


DE, I don't think you're all evil capitalists just out for a buck, but I understand why everybody is acting that way because that's really how it comes off. I've spent about $60 on platinum so far and I was always glad to do so because I felt like it was a completely optional way of supporting a game and developers I love. It's hard not to feel like you're daring me to buy Hildryn outright with platinum, which only makes me feel less inclined to put more money into the game.

The two obvious solutions are to make her available at a lower Vox Solaris rank or to overhaul the syndicate system to make it less time-gatey which honestly needs to be done anyway.

Sorry if this is a mess. I'm tired and just wanted to get my thoughts out there.

Edit again so I can make a simple plea: DE, there's still plenty of time to fix this. I don't want this to be the direction this game goes in. I love this game, and I want nothing more than to continue having fun playing for years to come. But this isn't fun. Please, I'm begging you, don't continue like this.

Edit again so I can end with a little positivity. Nightwave as a system is great. Wolf of Saturn Six, as has been noted, isn't perfect. But Nightwave is good. Great job on that one, DE.

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