Hildryn is actually really fun, kudos to DE

Warframe3 - Hildryn is actually really fun, kudos to DE

Bought Hildryn when she came out, have been playing her exclusively since, and these are my thoughts.

First the Build I'm using is: 114% duration, 140% Efficiency, 190% Range, 160% Strength, 225 health and 3,555 Shields.

Balefire Charger: This thing is basically a Staticor without the particle effects if you have a decent amount of range. It never needs to reload but it uses Shields per shot. Make of that what you will.

Shield Pillage: So, so good against the Corpus. I've been doing the Thermal Fractures event and I can't tell you the number of times I've been down to 500 shields, popped this, and then gone straight back up to max overshields (I want to say 4,700, but I'm not entirely sure). When I leveled her the first time on Hydron it wasn't nearly as effective against the Grineer, but I didn't have my build on it either.

The only problem I have with this skill is that it can't be casted while she's in Aegis Storm, her "Attack Helicopter" form. No staying in the air indefinitely for her.

Haven: Honestly, you kind of just turn this spell on and forget about it. By the time you have enough enemies around you that the drain becomes an issue, Shield Pillage replenishes it fully anyway. Might be different against the Grineer/Infested, but still.

The damage is kind of low, but honestly with the fact that it's always on and no one I've played with has died yet, it seems fine.

Aegis Storm: Simultaneously her most fun ability, and her most frustrating. The positives are that being a flying mobile weapons platform is great. The ability feels amazing, the CC is pretty good (mostly), and the sound effects are great. Also, stuff like Aviation works on the ability due to her being counted as "airborne"; I was able to get the acheivement for killing Rakanoids while airborne due to it.

However…. Aegis Storm has problems. First and foremost; it seems like it's kind of bugged to where it only affects enemies on the same elevation as directly below you; At Hydron, an enemy would be down a step and not be affected by her flying around, where as in the Orb Vallis they could be slightly above or below her on the hill and be perfectly fine as well. This desperately needs to wrap around the terrain as opposed to just being the (evidently) flat area of effect that it is.


Secondly, the Shield drain is too much per enemy, especially if you want to leave Haven on to actually be able to do damage with it. Even with 140% Efficiency, we're talking 26 energy per second for every single enemy to have both of them on. For a grand total of 640 damage a second with 160 power strength. It's not much for the amount you get. I understand she's not a damage frame, but still.

She's also incredibly slow in Aegis Storm, I kind of wish she could dash for like 250 shields or something.

Finally, her Aegis Storm only allows you to use her Balefire Charger if you want to shoot with it. This is fine; as mentioned, Balefire Charger is basically a Staticor. The problem is that you have to manually turn it on every single time you enter Aegis Storm; so you need two ability casts rather than one in order to "use" her ultimate. Simply auto turning her 1 on when entering and off when exiting would go so much for Quality of Life.

Lastly: Her Passive is far too easy to take advantage of with how much Shields have in this game, and her kit in general.

1) Arcane Barrier gives her a 4% chance to instantly regain all "energy" and shields, while recharging her passive. Doubly so if you have two of them.

2) Guardian on Sentinels automatically recharges your shields when they run out on a cooldown. That cooldown isn't long considering all the other tools Hildryn has at her disposal.

3) Arcane Aegis and Shield Charger both grant "energy" for Hildryn and are great if you can't afford/don't have the better alternatives.

4) Shield Pillage, at least against the Corpus, will easily restore 3000 shields. Two casts and your passive is back.

Lastly, because Energy Orbs only grant 25 Shields in the thick of the fight, I honestly just ignore them since the recharge gets knocked off immediately anyway. I think it would have to be 250 for me to consider picking one up, but considering the other options she has, it's not too bad.

Hildryn is great fun to play, and I'm going to add her to Oberon, Hydroid, and Atlas as my go-to frames, but she does feel a little rough on the balancing side. Honestly if my shields ever run out, it's because I spent too long in Aegis Storm with Haven up while firing Balefire Chargers, not because the enemies are hitting me.

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