Hopes for the New War

Warframe9 - Hopes for the New War

With the next chapter of the Warframe story coming closer I have a few ideas for what could happen.

  1. To protect the Origin system we need the help of every faction(Grineer, Corpus, Infested and the rest) because how does one beat a sentient? Varied damage types and a buttload of void energy. I think this would even show why the Lotus never made us kill off a whole faction. We need their weapons to fight this war.

  2. We board the sentient queen after opening her up with the Railjack. This would be a gigantic space fight many space operas would envy. The fleets of every faction fighting side by side.

  3. In the sentient queen we try to reach her core to sabotage her. We are of course met by a hige onslaught of sentients that try their all to stop us.

  4. One of these sentients is diffrent as it appears to force itself to not fight you. This is the former Ballas who is now almost fully sentient. The only thing remaining would be his head. At the end of the fight you have a few choices: (A) Murder the damn Orokin (B) Cut off his head to save him and maybe later use his wisdom (C) Let him be just he has to clean up behind himself.

  5. You get a transference bolt from Ballas even if your choice was leaving him alive and you have to proceed.

  6. Next up would be Natah the mimic queen standing in your way with her "children", the mimics. In the fight you leave Umbra behind since this is your battle.

  7. At the end you and Natah are at the end of your powers. She is reduced to the human body resembling the Lotus and your Amp exploded from the overwhelming energy you put out. Your last weapon is the transference bolt you jam into her arm before transfering into her.

  8. The mental scape of Natah is huge in comparison with Umbras and filled with her memories. Through out the diffrent scenes of her mind you understand what made her the Lotus. Its mostly that she compared Marguilis with her own mother and admired the gentle loving personality she had. At the end of the dream scape you find a huge birdcage with Natah staring at Marguilis while her own mother holds the cage.

  9. This leads into the emotional core of you and Natah arguing about motherhood and identity. Natah doesn't want to be a mimic of Marguilis anymore. At the end she notices Natah is something forced on her not the Lotus. Furthermore she breaks out of the cage her mother has her in.

  10. When you and the Lotus leave Transference Umbra is standing by with the Lotus helmet to give it to her. She puts it on and uses the dead sentients around you to give Umbra and armcannon. You get a fancy new Amp build around the transference bolt.

  11. Onto the battle with the sentient queen. Her core is huge. So huge in fact all other bosses look adorable next to her. At the end you sadly cant kill her. She is dormant and you will have to do missions on her to keep this up.

  12. After all of this as you and Umbra reflect the Lotus tells you about the sentient solar rails which will start to rebuild leading into the next storyline being us in the Tau system.

This would be how i think it could go. One thing i could not show in the ideas was Ordis behavior which would be beyond father like as he keeps trying to stop the tenno from their reckless acts.


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