How about we write some guidelines for veterans trying to help new players ?

Warframe9 - How about we write some guidelines for veterans trying to help new players ?

I just recently stopped helping a new player since he no longer need my help , but along the way i saw countless people doing missteps, talking ans spoiling the game.

i believe you should be more caution when playing with new player so i though it would be good to create all together some sort of community guidelines together, i have some ideas to help.

  1. Be careful with the informations overload, only answer his questions and introduce to him only new concept he needs.
  2. Be careful with spoils, he will not understand the story at first , i believe that this is normal, tell him that trying to piece out what he is and what world he is in is par of the game.
  3. Help them, don't play the game for them unless they do specifically ask for it.
  4. Help them buy wisely with their 50 plat (1 warframe slot, 2x 2 weapon slots)
  5. Avoid screaming at them, or berating them, they are new players, don't expect them to play properly, especially regarding their speed, they will bump into walls.
  6. Tell them not to worry about event, every event will eventually come back and it's bound to happen, and that's okay, when they want to farm relic, explain kindly what does "vaulted" mean, take the game at your own pace !

These are the general rules i follow , but for the technical terms i have some precision for each of them

Rule #1
We are often tempted to tell them to mod their weapons immediately, but it really isn't necessary,most mission before mars' disruption can be done just fine without any mods.
Encourage them to craft weapons and try them, and explain to them how mastery rank works as soon as they hit level 30 on something.
The game has a lot to do and it's hard for a new player to process it all at once.

Rule #2
Operator are a major part of the story and it's often there that they will finally understand what's going on, as such don't explain whatever operators are, avoid talking about it and using them.but just in case, remember to put the helmet closed so it looks like a wierd warframe and when out in operator mode, stay invisible, so they cannot properly figure out what happening,you can just pretend they're seeing thing and it's lag or really anything will work,i only move our of my warframe for a zenurik dash, not even to revive them.

About railjack , they will want to join a crew early on, just thell them not to until they have reached pluton, as they have no reason to at the moment and there isn't anything interesting for them.
Just explain quickly what it is.
if you invite them to your dojo , tell them to avoid teleporting to the dry dock.and design your dojo so the dry dock can be avoided, while keeping the rest of the dojo simple enough.


Some thing are okay to show, Among other things :
-Necramech are okay to show since you get them quite early, or rather you get them to use one as soon as you hit deimos.
-Archwing/archgun are fine too, including in normal mission.

Rule #3
The best warframe to help a new players are either
– Supports : Hyldrin,Duration+Str Volt , harrow, trinity,nidus,etc…
– Tanks : Rhino, Wukong, Lavos, Valkyr, Inaros, Etc…
– Protective: Duration Volt, Gara, Limbo, Frost,etc…

Also use adequate weapons that dont OS in AOE (like the bramma) such as:
However you can setup a mission or two to show them how impressive the "forbidden" warframes can be, i often show them how i can kill eptileptic kids with vauban, while using a very green energy,it's fun to see for a game or two and they will want to get it early.
Ember and revenant are impressive too, but let them play the game too , they wanna have fun !

Rule #4
This also include the nightwave, they'll eventually get to do it quite early,they should focus on weapon slots and warframe slots.however, i believe the best present you can offer them is the ICE color pallet, as it is very diverse in term of one, there is a black like blue and a pure white, with some cool shades of blue.this makes the game a lot more enjoyable since they can customize a lot more.not all of them would like it, so ask them before if they would like to personnalise their warframes.

IF it is available, you can offer them the vandal opticor, since they only need to be in the same mission as your , it's 15 thermia, so it's quite a lot to do, but trust me, they will love it since it is THAT powerful.

When they reach MR8, i often offer them a little riven as some sort of graduating present.in general i'd say that newbies cost me around 12H+100 PL each, but they will truly appreciate it.

Just don't be a dick, they are new, if you don't know how to handle them, don't.

These are the rule i use , but i'm not sure they are complete and i may use your help in making it more complete, i'm looking forward for any feedback from you guys so i can post it in the forum properly.

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