How I would change Valkyr to bring her up a little bit, cuz she needs it.

Warframe5 - How I would change Valkyr to bring her up a little bit, cuz she needs it.

Valkyr: Our cat has fallen out of favor since the hysteria efficiency nerf. I think she's fallen a bit too far. Most people consider her to have 1 and half good abilities. Valkyr p is my still my most played frame after all these years, so I think I know what she needs now. Also I think her passive is fine as is.

Hysteria: To add some synergies, I think hysteria should give a 50% casting speed bonus to all other abilities (maybe even for nearby teammates?) while it is active. I would also make it so that finishers with her claws add 20-30 combo. Though I don't think it would need it, if a damage buff were added, I think it would be best done by giving her claws 50% crit chance with combo (basically blood rush), I think that would be pretty reasonable.

Paralysis: An ability that looks much better on paper. With the above change to hysteria, this ability would immediately be much better, since casting time is the big problem with it. I would just add an increased chance for effected enemies to drop energy orbs. If that was considered too powerful, than health orbs would also be good.

Warcry: Somehow a very underrated ability. IMO this is the strongest piece of her kit. When modded for strength with eternal war, it gives her an incredible amount of armor, allowing her to tank pretty much everything, even if you don't mod for much health. Since its not difficult to out damage her claws with a normal melee, this ability actually makes hysteria much less attractive. As such the only thing I might change is making it twice as string when applied to her claws, and particularly make it apply to heavy attack wind up for claws, because I think that's the best way to make her claws perform well in a way that you can't copy as easily with normal melee.


Ripline: Oh ripline, you useless garbage. First I will say how I would change it, then I'll give my ideas for a potential replacement ability. I would change it to work more like grappling hooks in Titanfall 2. Then I would make it so that when used on an enemy while hysteria was active, she would fling the enemy behind her, and pull her claws through them on the way, dealing finisher damage. If this seems overpowered, remember that paralysis also opens up finishers and costs less. Not to mention how rarely you NEED to drop a single enemy instantly that is actually effected by things like this. It would still be pretty mediocre in my opinion since its an energy cost to kill one enemy while hysteria is already draining your energy, and you could use paralysis instead to potentially gain energy. But this would be faster than paralysis, giving it some value.

Hunt: My idea for a replacement for ripline. Hunt would be a duration ability. While it is active, valkyr sprints faster, and has improved control and speed on walls. If she bullet jumps off of a wall it goes twice as far. While hysteria is active, her sprinting animation is changed to run on all fours (she's a fucking cat come on). I would totally change her hysterical assault augment, and instead move that ability to hunt whenever hysteria is active. And hitting an enemy with the pounce would refresh the ability duration for hunt.

That's the extent of my ideas for her abilities. I'll put my thoughts on her augments in a comment below.

I just like valkyr and the way she plays, but would like to see her get the attention she really needs rn. She's not absurdly weak or useless, but she definitely needs some attention, the game has changed and she hasn't changed with it.

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