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Warframe9 - How I'd rework Inaros

I don't think there is much argument that Inaros is mostly just a healthbar and armor with a very lackluster kit. Visually he's unique, he stands out, he's the mummy, and mummies in terms of fantasy, even science fantasy, should be this supernatural undying force. All we really got was the "undying force" part. So, here goes:

1&2 combined into one, they are both throwing sand but ultimately result in the same thing, opening up to finishers results in a heal, and consuming results in a heal. Just combine them, open enemies to a finisher. For Inaros specifically, a special finisher where he quickly thrashes them around dealing damage then sucks the life out of them dealing it as a finisher. Like some kind of Inaros specific fatality. Also make it possible for him to snatch flying targets out of the air after being hit by it. It wouldn't be OP, given it is still a one-by-one process, and isn't a guaranteed instant kill. Players that finish off enemies hit by this also get healing, similar to how his 2 currently works but quicker and less lame.

New #2: Some kind of team buff/effect, displayed as an ankh, possibly a protective bonus or offering to take damage in their place, like a good guardian should. Possibly incentivize sticking around a squishier caster to synergize with them as their protector while they deal damage.

New #3: A selection of maybe 2-3 plagues, each with a debuff effect.


#4: Combine with augment by default, this is his supernatural endurance to ignore status giving him that unflinching mummy quality. His new augment would be granting allies a portion of it for being in range when he builds it up for a bit more health drain, but as you know, he can regain that health rather easily. Maybe I'd even switch this with the new #3, because plagues sound more like an ultimate ability.

Reworked Passive (revive): I'd also change his passive self-revive to instead of slowly draining enemies which is like… really boring and useless in levels above single digits, to instead be pulling them in to perform a special finisher where he does a short animation of popping open his sarcophagus and arms grabbing the enemy pulling them in, and he comes out, leaving the victim to be pulled down into the afterlife in his place. Something quick but visceral, playing up on that supernatural mummy monster fun.

Anyways, just a quick series of thoughts. Overall I feel he needs more dichotomy between being this stalwart protector and a terrifying undying supernatural force to strike fear in the hearts of his enemies. Something you don't want angered. More Oomph overall.

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