How to Break the Index in Half [Or How I Learned to Give Unto the Void]

Warframe6 - How to Break the Index in Half [Or How I Learned to Give Unto the Void]

Have you ever had the point carrier die on Index with a big score? And then had to frantically hunt down the killer before he turned in his points and ruined your game? Well, you may have noticed that, strangely, that the enemy always drops significantly more points than the point carrier would have gotten if he had turned in his points.

We can exploit this for the fastest Index times you have ever seen.

Pick a nice kill corridor, shoot the first guy that comes by, and WAIT.

Do not pick up that point.

Let your enemies pick it up. The instant he has a hold of it, shoot him too.

Do not pick up those points.

Let your enemies pick them up. The instant they have them, shoot him again.

Do not pick up those points.

Repeat, ad nauseum. When you shoot the enemy, he will drop the points he was carrying +1, PLUS THE POINT BONUS he would have gotten from turning them in.

Therefore, higher value targets are worth more index points. A target holding 20+ points is worth 11 points to kill. If you leave the points on the ground, enemies will come pick them up and become high value targets, and will be worth way more points than if you went ham and tried to hunt them down. Fun fact, this also works in reverse. If an allied specter picks them up and dies, he will drop the bonus too, so you can even attempt this solo, if you're fine with letting your NPCs dictate the engagement sometimes. They usually die and keep the chain going, and when they don't, your point engine will have given them so many points it's fine to let them go.


I have legitimately done three straight rounds solo in Index, in under 8 minutes by setting up a kill field with a Catchmoon and a Rhino, and watching the number of points on the ground grow so high I become uncomfortable watching it. Imagine if you had an organized team watching that kill field. You wouldn't even need to worry about optimal point turn-ins. You could turn in 100 points all at once every 2-3 minutes. I've done that. Solo.

This breaks the Index in HALF. It's so much easier than hunting the enemy down too. There are so many points on the ground they HAVE to come to you. All we need to do to, is reign in our…desire…to loot.

Oh dear god. To first be rich, we must be poor. Give unto the void. By donating our points to our enemies we can enjoy more points faster than we could have imagined. Nef Anyo has been telling us how to win this entire time and nobody listened!

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