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Warframe11 - How To: Disruption

I had trouble at first figuring out how best to play Disruption; this game mode doesn’t hold your hand much, and it can be hard to figure out what to do. Had a match tonight with players who apparently are having the same issue 😬 and decided I would vent via copious documentation.

What’s going on: Disruption is an endless round-based game mode. Each round, four conduits will spawn. Enemies have a chance to drop a conduit key when killed. Placing the key in the matching conduit starts a defense event for that conduit; it activates a random buff or debuff, starts a 2 minute countdown, and spawns a demo unit somewhere nearby. If the demo unit gets to the conduit, it blows itself up and destroys the conduit, and you fail the event. If someone kills the demo unit, or the timer expires before the demo unit gets to the conduit, then you succeed at the event. A round is complete when all four conduit events have completed. If all four were failed, you lose the mission and forfeit all rewards; otherwise, you get a reward and another round begins. You get better rewards for not failing any defense events, and you get better rewards in each successive round. You can extract anytime after completing round 1.

Notes: * The conduits are listed on the left side of the screen. A when someone picks up a key, the conduit which matches that key lights up for everyone on the team, so you can see if someone’s about to start a conduit. * Demo units make a characteristic ticking sound. The sound starts playing when you move into a tile which is connected to the tile they are on, and gets louder as they get closer. * Demo units are marked by a subtle red ripple effect. This effect plays every 10 or 20 seconds when you’re on the same tile as the demo unit, or an adjacent tile. If you’re on an adjacent tile, the ripple marks the door which leads to the demo unit. It always plays right away when you move into an adjacent tile. * As long as someone on your team can see the demo unit, it gets marked with a red enemy marker for everyone on the team. * Demo units are immune to many crowd control effects; they can’t be confused, knocked back, knocked down, disarmed, stunned, or suspended. They can be slowed, put to sleep, and blocked by solid barriers. * Demo units also generate a nullifier pulse every few seconds. This will purge any status effects generated by warframe abilities. * The best ways to stall a demo unit are: Magus Lockdown, Cobra & Crane’s sleep effect, and repeated application of Cold procs.


What not to do: * Don’t stand on the conduit and wait for the demo to come to you. They have lots of health, and damage reduction. You won’t be able to kill them before they explode. * Don’t start a conduit if one is already running. Let the current one finish first.

What to do: 1. If no conduit is running, your job is to find a key and start a conduit. 1a. Kill things and look for keys to drop. If a key drops, grab it and head for the matching conduit. 1b. Also, watch the conduit list. If you see a conduit light up, that means someone picked up a key. They’re probably going to start that conduit soon; go to that conduit now. 2. When a conduit starts, your job is to find and kill the demo unit. 2a. Go to the conduit, and look for the closest door which goes to another tile. Go through that door; listen for the demo sound, and look for the red ripple effect. If you hear or see it, go into that tile, go to the red ripple effect, and look for the demo unit. If you don’t hear or see it, go back to the conduit and try another door. 2b. If you see another player checking a door, don’t follow them; go to a different door. You want to spread out as much as possible; the sooner someone finds the demo unit, the sooner they can slow it down and lead others to it. 2c. Watch for that red enemy objective marker to appear; that means someone else found the demo unit. Go to it and help them kill it.

Tips: * Know when to cut your losses. You fail the mission and lose all rewards if you fail every defense in a single round; however, you can leave anytime you want to, with or without the rest of the team. If you’ve failed three conduits, don’t start the fourth, just go to extraction.

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