How to farm Scarlet Spear Murex and Umbra Forma at the same time

Warframe13 - How to farm Scarlet Spear Murex and Umbra Forma at the same time


  • Anomaly/Murex tileset has the ability to spawn rare sentient containers (Apex and the other one).

you will need:

  • quick RJ with a good pilot (parks inside the ribcage of murex to save seconds and health bars, doesnt dead the satellite)
  • basic understanding of how SS operates, and how to deal with bugs (most have solutions, even if disbanding the squad and regrouping from orbiter as last remedy – it works).
  • Limbo/Mesa/Hydroid/Frost to stay with OPlinks
  • Titania/Wukong/Gauss, equipped with Thief's Wit, Primed Animal Instinct and Loot Detectors. Due to limited time on the tileset and forced recall, speed is important, despite smaller tileset size – although towards 4th and 5th murex ship you will revisit same tilesets so you can then finish looting – reason why frequent flotilla switching is advised for this farm, but easy to agree with squad goals while still maintaining the 5k bonus.

mission structure:

  • spamming spacebar multiple times skips the landing cutscene, so you can start running.
  • Limbo should arrive as first or one of the first (i.e. Limbo should not be the pilot), so that Gauss/Titania/etc. can drop their Oplinks and start scouting without worrying about their safety.
  • Mesa/Nova to dps Sentients, which is a side instrinsic farm. Hydroid with augment for extra Shedu parts.
  • Once tileset is scouted, scouts can omni back to ship to deal with drones etc..Pilots – do not worry about your RJ at all – even if it will drop to 10 health. It will just stay there at 10hp, invincible until you omni back.


You actually only need Mesa and Limbo to chokehold the entire mission, really.Other two frames are scanning minimap for the containers on ALL floor levels (IMPORTANT- you will not see a cache, if you are not within distance on not just X, but also Y axis. meaning, if you change your warframe altitude within the tileset, new caches might show on the radar). some sentient sacks spawns inside walls, so using punch through weapons and codex scanner on hotkey is advised. some other containers spawn behind a patched wall that you need to hit with void damage, mote amp also works for that.

As a main grind, it could, and would drive you crazy. But as most squads sit near the oplinks entire duration of mission, you might as well utilize this time and your IQ and do something useful – even 0.01% chance is better than 0%, and gives you something to do, often with some rare AW or exilus mods, Shedu parts etc.

Rare cache spawn is confirmed on the Murex tileset, I had one spawn 2 days ago with kuva, and will update this thread with screenshot when I see the next one, got just too excited back there. Umbra forma is confirmed drop from the containers, datamine it. Containers have 1% spawn chance. Once spawned, those have 2% chance of having an Umbra Forma in them. Otherwise they drop Kuva, Spectra Vandal parts, etc. You cannot affect the spawn rates with any boosters at present.

please signal boost for more tennos, and join me in celebration. Today I will reach 200k mark in scarlet spear credits!! <3


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