How to fix Alad V’s out of order storyline.

Warframe11 - How to fix Alad V's out of order storyline.

Currently, Alad V's story on the star chart is in this order: Normal -> Cured (second dream) -> Infested (Patient Zero). Obviously, this is out of order. It's supposed to go: Normal -> Infested -> Cured. Here is how I would fix it.

1:Add a new infested moon/satelite to Saturn.

The reason I say a new location be added entirely, is because there is not an existing location that could house this quest while also making sense. Eris is way too far ahead to have it located there. The junction leading to this location would give you the "Patient Zero" quest. Infested Alad V would be the boss node on this moon/satellite, the node being unlocked after quest completion. This would also get rid of another unnecessary key system like the derelict. This location does not necessarily need to be a new tileset, but would need to house infested corpus ships in order to make sense. Killing infested Alad V would have to be added to the Uranus Junction requirements.

2: Add a "Tubemen of Regor" stand-in quest.

This is where it gets a bit tricky due to old events with a lot of story being retired. DE would need to repurpose some event dialogue, while adding some new ones as well to make sure the quest makes sense, because if I remember correctly Tubemen of Regor had little dialogue compared to a quest. You would obviously only be able to support getting Alad V's cure as that is the canon ending to that event. The Tubemen stand in quest would be a reward for completing the Uranus junction.


3: Add a "Shadow Debt" stand in quest.

Another tricky one due to the Acolyte event being a reoccurring thing. Most event dialogue is during the Alad V defense, so new dialogue and steps would need to be added to the quest. This is no easy thing to do, but it would have to be done to make the quest make sense. I also suggest having Misery be the only Acolyte encountered during this quest, as bringing in the others could prove over complicated. The Shadow Debt quest would be acquired by completing the Pluto Junction. My reasoning for this is because The Second Dream is acquired by completing the Neptune junction, and Pluto is the next planet over. Pluto also contains the Corpus outpost tileset where the Alad V defense was located in the original event. The Tubemen of Regor quest would be a prerequisite. This isn't a huge priority due to this event (to my knowledge) not being referenced by any characters at all.

Obviously all of this is a tall order, and I'm not exactly expecting any of this to be done any time soon, if it all, but it would need to be done to correct the story order.

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