How to fix Grendel: HUNGER BAR!

Warframe7 - How to fix Grendel: HUNGER BAR!

Basically, the idea is to add a hunger bar that will deplete as long as he has enemies in his belly and when it reaches 0 he becomes sated and vomits them like what happens when you reach 0 energy, until he gets hungry again.

I don't know how much about the math but let's just say hypothetically that you start with 100 hunger and lose 1 point p/s for every enemy inside your belly. So if you have 15 enemies in yo belly, you lose 15 hunger points per second.

There is also a lot to do with a hunger bar/meter or whatever, it could be affected by ability duration or ability efficiency so it can last longer, opening up more build variety or even a 2 way mechanic where if he doesn't eat any enemies Grendel becomes frenzied and gets buffs but lose health, anyway this last sentence was just a small brainstorm.

Reasons as to why it makes sense:

  • It fixes his core issue that all of his abilities tap into the same resource pool, energy; but since you need to cast one to use the others, you can only do so much until you become completely useless, as of right now; Grendel gets massively punished if he eats too much, as with a bar, while he won't be able to hold on enemies as long as he wants because his 1 is a hard CC that prevents allies from killing enemies and prevents him from simply eating the entire map, he can at least eat a lot while being able to use other abilities.

    • His bff Gauss also has a meter to fill up so it makes sense thematically.

Other stuff that I would change to make him cooler!

  • Change his main damage type from Toxin to Corrosive (have you ever seen how corrosive stomach acid is?)

  • Change his 2 to heal based on how many enemies are inside your belly + ability strength, instead of enemy level + ability strength (but damage will still be inflicted only in one, like what it is currently)

    • Charging his three will make him vomit all enemies at once in a disgusting bile of puke, like that yellow thing the mutalist MOA does, slowing enemies and doing some small damage.
  • Change his 4 to not require an enemy eaten to be used (c'mon, doesn't even make sense, how does eating someone helps you become a ball? At least digesting and spitting requires you to eat something)

    • Change his passive to give out only half the armor per enemy but gives energy and health regeneration, again, based on how many enemies are in your belly. (This one could be kind of too OP, but I wanted to put it in here anyway).

Thank you for reading, also, if he could get slower the more he eats, that would be very cool but I can see how that would annoy people.

TL;DR: give Grendel another resource bar to take some pressure off of his energy pool.

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