How to get 25 to 50 energy per second on any warframe and make the game exceedingly fun and kind of broken.

Warframe4 - How to get 25 to 50 energy per second on any warframe and make the game exceedingly fun and kind of broken.

Hello, just a resident MR30 here to dispense some knowledge. Make sure you put on your sunglasses and grab the nearest plate of tendies because were going to the moon! (Dont hurt me DE, please. love you!)

What this build does.

This build will dispense anywhere between 137 and 275 energy every 6-ish seconds into your warframe Independent of its channeling state. This means Titanias no longer have to leave razorwing to recover energy. Valkyrs will never have to leave hysteria to use rage or the likes thereof.

Channeling warframes can recover power using this technique whilst channeling.

What you will need.

  • Synth Fiber.
  • Equilibrium, not necessarily at max.
  • Dispensary, subsumed from a Protea warframe.

edit: Health Conversion isnt an alternative to synth fiber.

How does it work?

Dispensary takes approxamatley 6s to complete a full drop cycle at every 2s of each of its respective drop types: universal ammo, 100hp Health orb, and 25e Energy orbs. But here's the kicker, dispensary has a ability strength dependent chance to double its drops. which means that it can drop 2 health orbs and two energy orbs, meaning that with Equilibrium you can collect a max of 275e(assuming 2 drop of each) and a min of 137e (assuming 1 drops of each). However, without Synth Fiber or Health Conversion, you wont be able to pick up those health orbs unless you are injured.

So a standard rotation includes simply plopping down a dispenser and receiving this energy over the course of 6s, so long as you have the above mods from the needs section.


Note that the less efficient you warframe is, the more 'tied' and dependent you will be on a dispenser for energy gen.

Note that you need a minimum duration pct for this to work, or else you will be spending more energy casting dispensary than you will be recovering.

If you dont have enough energy to cast dispensary you wont be able to benefit from this energy recovery loop.

How I use this build.

Firstly, I use synth fiber over the HC simply because I already use adaptation for general use case survivability and HC wont get you as far on warframes that already have alot of armor like Valkyr. I also limit myself to a health mod and adaptation for survivability on most of my warframes so I can use the rest of the mods slots for tuning the frame to my liking. Ill usually end up slapping Synth fiber on a panzer vulpaphyla which doesnt work when its in its drone form, but it cant die so its a welcome compromise since I use melee alot, benefiting from Pack leader. My equilibrium is sitting just one below max rank and in some cases sitting at a few below max rank so that way I can still leverage its utility while also gaining drain for other mods. Also, I dont have any points into synth fiber.

I primarily use this on duration based channeling warframes since those are the ones that will benefit from it the most; Frames like Titania, and Valkyr.


Dont be afraid to use Health conversion and Energy Conversion since dispensary essentially guarantees that you will have all the orbs you will ever ever need. Remember that Dispensary also restocks archgun ammunition; have fun with that too. Though I dont personally use it in this way, have fun augmenting this build to have your own fun.

Why this is 'busted'

This pretty much shatters the energy eco of the game since you can recover energy whilst channeling and you recover this energy at a pretty absurd rate. For reference, Energizing dash only provides 5 energy per second and this technique allows energy recovery at 5 times that rate at its minimum.

Why this is fun/ not as 'busted'

This has been a blessing for me when it comes to actually branching out to other focus trees. I can actually use other focus trees provided that I sacrifice an ability from my warframe, which is a pretty darn good compromise. This build also requires a few niche mods and the helminth segment. Its also constrained by the aforementioned "Limitations". Im not sure if any of that makes up for how fast you recover energy but that isnt my place.

What I would do to tame this back a bit

If I consider the best way to tame this back without throwing a ton of man hours and code at the problem, I would most probably go with modifying what is "altered" about the dispensary in the helminth. Currently its the duration thats altered, obviously that isnt the 'problem' here. if you wanted to maintain the functionality of dispensary I would simply increase the duration of each reward pulse. Since dispensary already stockpiles each pulse on the ground next to it, it would still be a reliable place to find those orbs and ammo, and it would reduce the amount of energy obtainable on a per second basis.

To justify, If a reward pulse happened every 10s,15s,or 20s rather than every 2s then the max energy recoverable per second would amount to 9.166e/s, 6.111e/s, and 4.58e/s respectively. But do keep in mind that that is the max recoverable energy per second and not the practical energy recovered per second. you can get only like 50% chance to get a double drop with dispensary, practically.

if we were to "alter" the subsumed ability further and we removed its chance to double drop then it would only need a reward pulse of 10s to get an e/s of 4.58. that means that if we remove the chance to double drop and increase total cycle time from 6s to 30s then we can bring the total energy per second recovered to that energizing dash.

I must qualify, however, that energy must be spent inorder to cast this ability so placing it closer to 15 or 20 energy per second is probably better to offset the initial cost. It would be better if it didnt double drop so you could increase the frequency between rewards and can be balanced accordingly. It also might be fine just without the double drops as it is without any adjustment to the reward pulse frequency.


I want to wish the team at DE well and that I cant wait for upcoming content in the game, here's to another 8 years!

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