How to improve the operator’s lack of personality during gameplay

Warframe1 - How to improve the operator's lack of personality during gameplay

Here are some ideas that I believe could change the annoying kid that randomly says stuff that usually doesn't have much to do with the actual gameplay to something that feels more like an actual warframe operator, a tenno that has been fighting for years and a powerful entity capable of bending the void.

First thing that needs to change is the voice lines during gameplay. As I said before they are usually out of context or are not interesting lore-wise and fail to heat up the player for combat or missions. Instead of getting something random and basic like:

"The corpus remind me of the Orokin, selfish, greedy…"

We could get something more related to our decisions that we made during quests, or something more related to a focus school we have equipped:

"The corpus make the void within boil, but I have learned to control it to destroy them and bring peace to the system."

The corpus make the void within boil, I will show them how meaningless their technology is before my will"

Keep it in mind these lines are the best I could come up with in a few minutes and are just meant as an example. The idea behind them is a system of composed phrases based on your past choices and the school you are following. I found the aligment mechanic to be compatible with focus schools, in the wiki you can find that:

Sun alignment is gained by choosing actions which make the Operator kind yet vengeful.

Neutral alignment is gained by choosing actions representing a balanced state of mind between passionate and pragmatism.

Moon alignment is gained by choosing actions that makes the Operator pragmatic and idealistic.

In the game's current state, aligment has little impact on gameplay and on the personality of your operator outside of some quests. Maybe joining these ideals with focus schools for composed lines isn't exactly practical so just use only them for the new, revamped operator dialogue could be sufficient and also present a function for alignment.

Focus schools also have certain mindsets behind them, making them a perfect candidate for this system:

The Madurai way is a school dedicated to offense. Tenno of the Madurai way are unrelenting fighters, excelling in the arts of ambush and barrage. Those who mastered the Madurai school are granted predatory, savage power.

They followed the path of Engage The Enemy. Their swift, uncompromising onslaught, holding nothing back and recklessly attacking their foes, could vanquish an opponent before he had the chance to steel himself. Speed and savagery characterized this school.

The Vazarin way is a school of the Protectors. The Tenno of Vazarin excels in the arts of emergency support, self-sustenance, recovery and warding power. Those who mastered the Vazarin school are granted defensive benefits.


They trained to Counter the Enemy, and move with an opponent's attacks in order to nullify them. They maintained constant awareness in order to defend against all aggression.

The Naramon way is a school focused in the art of assault. The Tenno of Naramon excels in direct combat to both dominate and neutralize armed enemies. Those who mastered the Naramon school are enhanced with speed and raw, brutish force.

This discipline focused on Knowing the Enemy, and the tacticians of Naramon believed that to truly understand a foe would confer the greatest advantage upon a warrior.

The Unairu way trains to become an indomitable soldier. The Tenno of Unairu provide the frontlines with unmatched tenacity, along with direct buffs to allies' offenses and defenses. Those who mastered the Unairu school are granted enhanced damage resistance and damage reflection.

They pushed themselves to Outlast the Enemy, to withstand all aggression without retreat. They believed that if the enemy could not match their endurance, then a battle could be won without having even commenced.

The Zenurik way is a school dedicated to the arcane. The Tenno of Zenurik are formidable in the arts of enemy attrition and battlefield control. Those who master the Zenurik school are granted tactical and spellcasters' benefits.

They believed the clearest path to victory was to Dominate the Enemy. They sought to choke an opponent of all resources; that sheer strength could erase any resistance.

Creating a viable system with lines combined from a focus school and aligment could give the operator the personality he/she deserves as well as making them a lot more pleasant characters. This might look like a little detail that could be forgotten, but in my eyes the best part of the game was the operator character creation screen, I remember the feeling of joy that came with this moment due to how unexpected it was, and I think this system would bring enough flavor for players to trully love their operators.

It also doesn't need to stop there, we could get more out of the operator if they interacted with other characters with more dialogue, I have seen some with the bosses but this could be expanded even more. During gameplay, losing too much health could sometimes trigger an operator dialogue where we see red lights and a worried operator inside the transference machine for example.

Thank you for reading my post! Keep it in mind that English is not my native language so there might be a few mistakes here and there. Also I'm not sure if this post needs a spoiler tag at this point but I'm placing it anyways since I don't want to ruin anyone's experience.

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