How warframe saved me

Warframe5 - How warframe saved me

Pardon the cheesy title, but it's true and lemme explain why..

During the fuckfest of a year that was 2020, I was fortunate enough to be one of those whose main worry was going insane with boredom and I personally know people who have had to face much more terrible circumstances.

However, the empty mind always finds its way to the wrong thoughts, and I turned to gaming to quiet my paranoia and insecurities.

I first made my wf account back in 2018, played for like 5hrs and quit, it seemed like one of those run of the mill f2p games. In 2019, when destiny 2 went f2p I promptly fell in love with it and have put in over 1k hours into it, have done all the raid and everything. But from mid 2020 d2 started to bore me, and I decided to check out wf for a minute before (I assumed) going back to d2.


I recently crossed 700 hrs in wf and honestly sometimes I feel proud to be part of such a game. Let me tell you why.

  1. The Community –

As far as I've seen the unforgivable complexity wf provides at first glance makes it so that the average age of wf players is higher than most games, and I think this is why the community is so.. wholesome.

Back when I started I was mr6 (I think), and promptly got recruited into a clan, where I was helped by so many players, all in different ways. While some taxied me to nodes and boss fights, some simply gave suggestions about how to progress and some even donated some basic mods to help me out.

Now I'm mr15 and I get why, it's not simply because of how helpful people are, its also because everyone who has progressed into the game a decent much knows very well how challenging it can be. And I feel proud to become the one helping smol mr2 Excaliburs.

  1. Check my comment, it's about the dreaded T word which I can't add in a post smh

btw : i got a beast pandero riven so can we get Octavia Prime please..

  1. DE

While they have their faults, DE seem to be the first company who seem to be made of humans instead of some enigmatic corporate entity. They interact a lot more than just about any dev out there and it really seems like this tight knit group of passionate individuals. They laugh, they do stupid shit on stream, they openly collaborate on content creators (going even as far as to say thank you on a video criticizing a newly released frame).

Some closing thoughts

At the end of the day, the answer to every 'Uh I hate this expansion' ,is as cliche as it sounds, 'But it's FREE'. That doesn't mean it shouldn't be criticized but it also means that when people actually criticize it, they are doing it because they actually love the game and want to enjoy what de made.

I adore the helminth system and I commend DE for having the balls to let us go nuts where some devs would nerf it in the name of balance (something DE is also infamous for lmao)

So finally I would love to thank the mr30's who saw an uncut gem back in 2015 and took a chance, I thank every player who has lent a hand to someone who is struggling and I thank Digital Extreme for having absurdly persistent to turn wf into a game that revolutionized f2p gaming.

PS : Can we staph comparing warframe and destiny ? It's not fair to either game and any question of one killing another because both of these games have gone through so much hell they are unkillable as of now.

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