I apparently harassed [DE]Glen, and here’s my story:

Warframe11 - I apparently harassed [DE]Glen, and here's my story:

NSFW because it features a bad word:

Let's start this off with a bit of backstory. I'm a man. A young adult. I'm deeply in love with another man, who feels the same for me. You'd be right to say that I'm pretty gay. Love the inclusion of some LGBT elements in Warframe and REALLY hoping they fix their kickbot from over-zealously banning anything "offensive" with the kind of tolerance similar to club penguin. Shockingly, DE, the term "gay" actually does come up in non-pejorative contexts.

Anyways – I laugh at memes. I've been on this subreddit for years, occasionally posting or commenting. I've been a long term player of the game, but most of the time I don't type much ingame chat (except a "gg" at the end or talking in spy missions).

Well today I made a joke using the word "gay" in a reference to "the big gay" meme. (Not sure how big that meme is, but in my circle of friends it's referencing catching "the big gay", a parody of the belief that it's an illness). And it wasn't kickbot that booted me for using the word (not that kickbot cares if you're using the word legitimately), it was Glen in a match of Elite Sanctuary Onslaught.

9o3KlCl - I apparently harassed [DE]Glen, and here's my story:


So here I am laughing at this dumb joke when I look over at the teammates we had. One of them was Glen. Oh my god. I laughed off the possibility of a ban, but it was too soon to laugh. Then my friend in the game mentions to me that I was kicked. What? I was clearly in the game, I could see chat. But apparently not, they couldn't see my messages. Indeed, I was banned. So I sent messages explaining myself to Glen (which apparently still works) and he sent one condescending reply:


Welp, that's the whole thing. Now I'm banned for a bit. It cut me off before my rewards were sent back to the server, so he killed 10 zones of rewards just for me. He wasn't even playing the game, he was a complete leech.


Thanks, Glen. I didn't realize that the "mature" rating meant that I had to act mature and proper. Homosexuality isn't a joke, but I'm going to joke about it because it's way more fun if you don't take things too seriously. Saying that homosexuality is off-limits to joke about (even if you're homosexual/LGBT) is segregating it when we should be normalizing homosexuality itself. "the big gay" isn't serious, it's a dumb meme.

Oh well. See y'all in like a week. Please don't ban me here for saying "gay", Warframe

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