I can’t stand the negativity and hate towards the game lately.

Warframe12 - I can't stand the negativity and hate towards the game lately.

Edit: I would like to thank you all for expressing your opinions; I agree with a lot of them. Even though I love the game, I find myself getting bored too, expecting to receive more from the updates and also see the game in a better state than it is. It's just that on social media, I didn't find only good constructive criticism, but also, so people are trying to stop others from playing or even trying the game, and I can't agree with that. I can't wait to get the new war, I can't wait to get better, cool stuff from RJ and so on, but at the end of the day, I got patience. I know we can get frustrated sometimes about the new updates, but I think it is healthy to consider trying to see the good and also support the game for what it is. For the record, I didn't get upset about the downvotes or the people that disagree with me; I think this has been a constructive and healthy discussion. Thank you all!

Like I mentioned in the title, I'm just fed up with so much hate and complaints, especially on the internet. While I'm in-game, warframe has the most fantastic community I could think of; we are helping each other along the way and rarely meet toxic players. On the internet (forums, Reddit, YouTube), there are, in my opinion, so many ungrateful players that don't appreciate this game for what it is. I don't want to be a fanboy, but I have some points I would like to get across :

  1. For free, up until now, I got like 1100h worth of content and gameplay from this game, while on many other games I paid for, even though some of them were good, I mostly got between 50-150h out of them.

  2. People feel entitled to a story, even though all the cinematic questlines, in my opinion, represent a bonus offered from a game that wasn't even supposed to have those kinds of questlines. Yet you people behave like you forgot the game's formula of grinding and fun mechanics and want a full-fledged solo cinematic experience.

  3. This game went from being a corridor-type game to having multiple open worlds, vehicles ( Ik it sounds stupid, but even the hoverboard I feel like it's much superior to any transportation I encountered in other f2p games), also storylines, space combat, events, exciting and cool warframes, lore, mechs, side activities, creating your pets, weapons, tons of cosmetics that can be acquired for free, characters and so much more.

What I'm trying to say is that it's unfortunate to see how a game like this, a true wonder that I can't compare with any other f2p competition, is getting so much undeserved hate.

While the game has, it's bugs, mistakes etc. What game doesn't? I feel like warframe is superior to other games that milk your money, selling to you dlcs, terrible cosmetics and so on. We should take a deep breath and understand that even though it takes time for the game to improve more, we should be patient and also support the devs with their work, not insult them or complaining on and on about "end-game" when there can't even be an end-game in this type of genre. As a side note, I like the new railjack improvements; I like the weapons, mod system, crew system, maps. Would it have been cool to get more RJ modes? Sure, but it takes time.

Be patient, have trust, find other things to do if you feel like you've burnt out of the game, be kind. I know it was a long post, but I had to express my opinion.

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