I decided to write a review for Warframe based on the number of hours played

Warframe1 - I decided to write a review for Warframe based on the number of hours played

If any of those are incorrect, please write your opinion in a comment.

There are different mindsets for this game:

—-> The begginer (0-10 hours):
– pay to win;
– community ruins my fun doing missions too quickly;
– weapons level up way too slowly;
– it takes a lot to move from A to B;
– cliche story… I am awaken with amnesia and I need to find who I am;
– It will take an eternity getting to the last planet.

—-> The newbie (10-50 hours) (pre Stolen Dreams quest):
– the game is just pay for cosmetics;
– the game is actually fun;
– main story quests are meh;
– I have a dog as companion <3;
– star wars feeling with archwing <3;
– the movement is so fluent;

– it's defense mission! I must not let the objective fall! I must search the enemy in every corner of the map!
– too much grind for materials.

—-> The intrigued (50 – 70 hours) (post Stolen Dreams, pre last mission of Second Dream)
– I don't understand anything from the lore, but it seems nice;
– I got a new warframe… so the name of the game is the character I play;
– The mechanics of the game are complex, but understanding them is rewarding;


—-> The mind-blown stated (70 – 100 hours) (post Second Dream, pre Sacrifice quest)
– the story is really great!
– I hate archwing more than anything;
– finally got some weapons and warframes to say I have an "arsenal"
– go f*** yourself, my dog, you have been replaced by some flying robot scanning random things;
– riven mods? I don't need that, I like formas;

—-> The OK player (100-300 hours) (post Sacrifice quest)

– a defense mission? Let's pick Octavia, press 1, wait and repeat (or any other aoe dps warframe);
– so… what do I do now?
– the game is pay for … devs to have a drink! Ninjas play free;
– I didn't believe I'm gonna say it… It's time for fashion!

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—-> The veteran (300 – ??? hours) (I am here)
– time to explore the open world areas;
– my operator can actually fight;
– raid? arcanes? what are those?
– hey… random guy… do you use that riven mod?
– let's help some newbies, they need to get pro like I am;
– let's read a bit the trade chat… Just a bit… (after 1 hour) WTS …

—-> The master (???+ hours)
– another day… another raid;
– max rank with all syndicates;
– a lot of vaulted things;
– Nef Anyo, but instead of credits, I have platinum;
– let's hope this riven gets good stats from just 25 rerolls.

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