I did 1hr sp survival with Lavos so here’s my feedback

Warframe12 - I did 1hr sp survival with Lavos so here's my feedback

Well 2 actually, one with base kit and one with Ensnare subsumed on Catalyst. Both runs on Taveuni, Kuva Fortress.

Ensnare run, No Ensnare run, 2-forma Lavos on both runs

So here's some of my feedback on his abilities:

  1. Ophidian Bite
  • Wish it had proactive heal aspects. Right now it's a reactive heal, means you only use it to heal when you get hurt. While there's nothing wrong with reactive heals, it did put me in a situation where I never use it to prime for Catalyst for fear I might need it later and there are situations where if I use to to heal up enemies can still damage me unless I hide and use it later, which brings me to my next point.
  • Remove LoS. There's no reason for Ophidian to have LoS other than "Snakes cant't bite through walls". It only exists to hinder its ability to heal consistently, especially in tight quarters.
  • Could use lower cd. Just QoL, 8 seconds seems a tad too long, 5-6 seconds seems more reasonable.

  1. Vial Rush
  • Weird aoe. This imo is the best and most fun to use ability of Lavos, it has a lot of procs, innate cc, very fun movement, but the aoe, eh. Vial rush aoe is basically this "–>", while there's no thing wrong with a slightly weird aoe, it does have a gap in between the arrowhead and travel path so you get awkward situations where enemies don't get any procs. And the path is not thicc enough.
  • Need faster vial projectile speed. This sounds like a weird thing to say but vials that eject on impact lasts for too long in air, you get situations where's you're just waiting a few seconds for the vials to drop and for the procs, which ruins the tempo a bit.

  1. Transmutation Probe
  • Not much to say about this, good procs, good aoe, no LoS, reduces cd obviously. But, it shouldn't disappear on impact. Just let it continue it's procs for it's duration.

  1. Catalyze
  • This ability is in a weird spot. It does deal ok damage, good enough to clear trash mobs and slightly tankier ones with some prior procs, but it doesn't have enough procs by itself. Right now it gives 3 imbued status 3 procs and that's too low, considering Vial Rush can cap out 10 very fast. Give it more or faster procs to cap out status effects and to justify the 30s cd.
  • It's very weird to have to cast Catalyze before Probe. The combo usual is you cast Catalyze then Probe to reduce Cat huge cd, which means you won't get the extra procs for damage Probe. This puts you in an odd situation where you either deal less damage with Cat but shorter cd or you deal more damage but have to deal with the full 30s.
  • Some higher damage won't hurt nobody. I know I said previously it did ok damage, but some more wouldn't hurt anyone 🙂
  • And finally of course the obvious one, What's Lavos/Catalyst greatest fear?

tl;dr: Lavos is very fun to play and is quickly becoming one of my more favorite frame to use. However there are bumps and awkwardness that's preventing his play experience being more smooth. I'll give him a 7-7.5/10, if DE does give him some QoL he's easily my personal top 15.

Edit: added another bullet point for Catalyze because I forgot.

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