I did some field research today…(Potential Spoilers for the Plains)

Warframe1 - I did some field research today...(Potential Spoilers for the Plains)

TL;DR: I got bored and sized Eidolons and Sentient Fragments on the plains.

Alrighty. So, here i am browsing the internet yesterday and i come across a video from Commisar Gamza talking about whether or not the Tenno could survive in the Warhammer 40k Universe. I loved the idea and the concept… and It got me thinking about all kinds of things, including the Eidolons since they're just the wandering fragments of the Sentient that Gara and the Tower of Unum took down during the Old War. I looked for size stats for any of the 3 plains Eidolons and didn't find anything… So, I decided to try and figure out about how tall each Eidolon was.

Only problem was, night time had just ended. I figured, "i'm already out here. Might as well measure some other things! I decided to measure each of the "remnants" that we see scattered throughout the plains. The most notable results follow:

Lake Fragment:

~111 m (~364 ft.) tall x ~174 m (~571 ft.) across

This colossal remnant forms the entirety of the island in the middle of the great lake on the plains, and i had believed it to be the largest intact one visible on the plains, despite being partially submerged. Its size even more impressive than the Legendary Godzilla from the upcoming Godzilla sequel (which i'm super hyped for). However, i decided to keep looking around. That's when i found what I believe to be the ACTUAL largest intact remnant.

Partially Buried Fragment SE of Mount Nang, SW of The Seethe:

~134 m (~440 ft.) tall x ~230 m (~755 ft.) across

This absolutely TITANIC fragment dwarfs the lake fragment. This one can be found partially buried in the ground where it came to rest after sliding several hundred meters at the time of its fall. Its impressive scope is quite something to behold. If you ever get the chance, you should definitely go give it a peek as you can see the majority of it.

Seemingly Whole Fragment NE of Cetus:

~36 m (~118 ft.) tall x ~44 m (~144 ft.) across


This one roughly resembles the Sentient "carrier" that we see in the Tombs of the Sentient Trailer from way back in 2015 and seems mostly intact. There may be more buried underground, but it definitely seems like the majority of it is visible.

Er-Phryah's Vigil fragment (what we see):

~110 m tall
This one is curious to me. It's the fragment on top of and around-which the grineer built a small outpost complete with a catwalk and several turrets. What is so special about this fragment i wonder? It was then i hopped into arcwing to get a better look and i realized that this is quite possibly barely a fraction of the whole thing as you can see more protrusions coming out of the water nearby. It looks like the whole fragment basically went face-first into the coastline.

Finding no other really notable fragments in my estimation, i headed back to Cetus after some mining. AFK'd for a bit, and came back just in time to catch the last Eidolon run for the night cycle. I struck out onto the Plains with a random bounty group in the last 18 mintues of night time and did some REALLY janky measuring.

Here are my results:
Teralyst: ~14 m (~46 ft.)

Gantulyst: ~30 m (~98 ft.)

Hydrolyst: ~40 m (~131 ft.)

Mind you, all the results are approximates as it's nearly impossible to get one of those things to sit still mid-fight and i used the less-than-100%-accurate waypoint tool to measure.

At the end of the day, i don't know if anyone will ever use this info or if anyone will even see this post, but i felt the need to share so that maybe, someone out there who goes looking won't have the same struggle that I did and will just be able to find what they're looking for. Thanks for your time,
warframe - I did some field research today...(Potential Spoilers for the Plains)
r/warframe! 🙂

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