I disagree with moving Oberon and Ash parts to Railjack.

Warframe9 - I disagree with moving Oberon and Ash parts to Railjack.

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Oberon was a very beginner friendly Warframe, in the form of a caster as opposed to Rhino's tank. While an individual part was not guaranteed by an Eximus unit, it was accepted that a player would eventually accumulate all the parts, and then some extras.

And Ash, while a very potent solo Warframe – with the right mods – he is lackluster without those mods, and/or in teamplay. His parts were harder to get, presumably due to his potential, but would not have been so hard to get if Manics were as common as they had once been when they were released (and perhaps Manics deserve to be more common anyway, since their offensive power was toned down long ago).

But now, players looking for Oberon or Ash for the first time are gated by Rising Tide, which in turn requires that The Second Dream also be completed. All of this requires progression up to Neptune, and then they are expected to play Railjack missions, which generate quite a spike in difficulty compared to other missions with similar enemy levels.


Now, I am not a new player by any means. I had gotten Oberon and Ash long ago and have since acquired their Prime versions. I have amassed countless Oberon parts in my time, and a good number of Ash parts as well. I am also well kitted out for Railjack at any mission level currently on the Proxima chart. But that does not mean that I have forgotten what it is like to be new. It seems to me that Oberon, especially, was meant for newer players; his abilities are useful almost anywhere, and yet there are other Warframes that are more effective at higher enemy levels, and in different aspects of his ability kit. And now newer players have a less diverse pool of Warframes to work with in the early game. Further, for those who are better prepared for Railjack missions such as myself, Oberon and Ash – long since acquired through the old methods – are just meaningless filler in the reward tables. Whether old or new, it just feels bad for all players.

I understand there are other issues people have with the new Corpus Railjack missions in terms of their content structure (time spent in space combat vs. in regular ground missions). I empathise and agree with that, but those issues will understandably take a lot of time to find balanced solutions for. Rewards and enemy drops, on the other hand, are just some variables to change in Railjack and re-add to enemy droptables. As such, I would see the drop locations/acquisition methods for Oberon and Ash simply reverted; and possibly make Manics more common, but not overwhelmingly so.

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