I feel that DE is wasting the potential of Warframe’s lore and its characters.

Warframe4 - I feel that DE is wasting the potential of Warframe's lore and its characters.

As everyone know, DE has the habit of forget about old content. Among them events and tactical alerts that were vital to developing the Warframe story and giving more participation to some characters. It's a shame that the current in-game story is a nonsense full of plot gaps that doesn't respect the chronology. Let's see some examples:

Alad V

You can read his lore
Alad V - I feel that DE is wasting the potential of Warframe's lore and its characters.

here. Being Alad one of the most important characters in Warframe, his current in-game story is a complete mess.
  1. The first time we hear his name is on the disruption mission on Mars (Alad is supposed to be working only on the Zanuka Project at that time)
  2. The disruption mission in Jupiter is available after completing Natah (taking into account that The Ropalolyst is available after complete Chimera Prologue, the disruption mission should have the same requirement, specially if we take into account all that it had to pass Alad from the Gradivus Dilemma to Shadow Debt, or the experiments with the Wolf of Saturn Six).
  3. After Alad helped us in the Second Dream, we faced his Mutalist version on Eris (this is where the story loses all sense. There is no in-game hint that Alad has been experimenting with the Infestation except for the Patient Zero quest, unless DE tells us that Hunhow is capable of manipulating the infestation)

Operation: Scarlet Spear

During the event I created a new account, and to my surprise after finishing Vor's Prize I received a message from Little Duck advising me of the Sentient invasion, without even progressing through the story. It's not for nothing, but I still believe that this event should be exclusive for those who have completed at least Chimera Prologue, not only because of the lore, but also because the mission got complicated as you reached the last waves. Regarding the story, I have three problems:

  1. With this being the beginning of the Sentient invasion (post-Erra cinematic), it would have been great to see Sentients invading the Origin System (except the Void), like those "random" encounters in Orb Vallis.
  2. What was Sargas Ruk doing on Earth if Vay Hek is supposed to be occupying that planet?


How is it possible that the main Warframe's protagonist doesn't say a single word in most of the quests post-Second Dream? The only times the operator spoke were at the end of Second Dream, The War Within, and The Sacrifice (Apostasy Prologue doesn't count because it only said one word).

They don't even flinch during Octavia's Anthem quest where we face Hunhow and Ordis decides to face him to prevent him from infecting other cephalons. As for the fight with the Ropalolyst where Natah appears, the operator said absolutely nothing. NOTHING!

Another thing: I don't know if you receive this message in your inbox after complete Sands of Inaros, but you should do this quest only if you have completed The Second Dream instead of reach Mastery Rank 5.


Probably those most in need for a rework, these groups lack development as they continue to send us their Death Squads despite the fact that we help them. What's more, they have the potential to develop their story (like Amaryn did after complete The Silver Grove) and change the environment of the game as you progress through the story, for example:

  • New Loka: After completing The Silver Grove, you may encounter various New Loka operatives in Cetus, interacting with its inhabitants and learning their habits. You could even "hire" a few operatives to help you out on the plains.
  • Cephalon Suda: After completing Octavia’s Anthem and Heart of Deimos, Suda could contact the Entrati so that she could quench her thirst for "curiosity" and be with who used to be Orokin (and perhaps see some Suda operatives in Necralisk). I know it sounds a bit absurd but Cephalon Suda is the syndicate that lacks lore the most, and I'm not sure that Nihil's revelation (the Glassmaker) can expand it.
  • Steel Meridian: Killing one of the Grineer Queens at the end of The War Within shouldn't go unnoticed by Cressa Tal, who is a Grineer defector. She could congratulate us for accomplishing such a feat and could even replace Lotus in the Kuva Siphon and Kuva Lich missions. What's more, the Steel Meridian could go on the trail of the Wolf of Saturn Six and its fugitives.
  • Perrin Sequence: After helping Ergo Glast destroy the Animo and rescue the Triuna (regardless of your choice), he would realize that diplomacy is not always the solution and would help us face the Corpus, starting with Fortuna. Ergo could contact Ticker to pay the debts of the Solaris, so we would see most of its inhabitants with their full bodies, better tools and body augmentations, but we will also see hidden Corpus weapons, hinting that Ergo helps them in the revolution.
  • Red Veil: After freeing Rell, the leader of the Red Veil could send his operatives to hunt down some of the fanatics who spread throughout the Origin System, and some of them would even join the Arlo's Followers, starting a rivalry between those groups. As for Palladino, she could be the mediator of the Red Veil, Arbiters of Hexis and Cephalon Suda, so we would see their operatives interacting with each other in Iron Wake.
  • Arbiters of Hexis: Being this syndicate the most interested in the power of the Tenno, they together with Teshin could motivate them to be more independent and more powerful in order to become the guardians of the Origin System and prepare them for the New War against the Sentients.

Honestly (and I say it as someone who has played Warframe since mid-2013) I feel bad that DE doesn't give the importance it deserves to the story (and more so knowing everything that has happened until the Second Dream).

What I've enjoyed the most is the lore, the characters and the soundtrack. I never expected such a game to be free, with so much to give even to this day with The Deadlock Protocol, Heart of Deimos and the stories of Parvos Granum and Albrecht Entrati. It's very noticeable that DE still has the potential to create good stories.

But it is a shame that newcomers don't have the privilege that we, Warframe boomers, have had to enjoy an excellent and coherent in-game story, and have to turn to YouTube and the Wiki to learn about Warframe' story. That's what prompted me to post twice on Reddit and the Warframe Forums the idea of ​​bring some events and tactical alerts back to the game, but as quests (if you're interested to know how to fix the story, this is what I proposed).

And if you think about it, "renewing" the Warframe story could be one of the most significant changes in the game: as you progress through the story you will unlock new content, instead of increasing the Mastery Rank whose only function must be to let you use more equipment, earn more daily standing, focus and void fissures, etc. And not only that, DE should have a new and improved "structure" that allows them not only to identify newcomers and experienced players, but also to respect Warframe's chronology, because being realistic it's completely absurd that you only have to complete Mars Junction to start the Heart of Deimos quest.

One example is Path of Exile, which in
The Fall of Oriath update went from having a campaign with 4 acts and 3 difficulties (like Diablo) to a new campaign with 10 acts. And not only that, in the
Conquerors of the Atlas update, they completely renewed the endgame story. If Grinding Gear Games (the creators of Path of Exile) were able to change the story of their game, then Digital Extremes can too.

And yes, I know that would be a lot of work for them (especially because of Covid-19) but I want to remind you that even though this pandemic started between February and March if I remember correctly, DE was able to release The Deadlock Protocol and Heart of Deimos updates. Think about it.

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