I have done the Wolf of Saturn Six assassination mission 300 times and have not obtained his mask.

Warframe2 - I have done the Wolf of Saturn Six assassination mission 300 times and have not obtained his mask.

Uhhhh yeah, that's a lot, I think.
22d75e7694565acf80502a972d779a81 - I have done the Wolf of Saturn Six assassination mission 300 times and have not obtained his mask.Here's a screenshot of my 300th run, here's a screenshot showing that I don't have the mask, and here's a screenshot of (more or less) all my hammer part drops.

So yeah, as you can probably imagine, running the mission 300 times only to not get the reward you want nor have any indication that you'll ever get it feels pretty bad. I'm not here to shame DE for making the drop chance so low, nor am I here to beg for pity. Instead, I'd like to hopefully spur some more discussion about kind of terrible drop rates.

The problem I have isn't really that the drop rate is super low. No, the problem is that the drop rate is super low on an enemy that, after this tactical alert is over, will be extremely hard to farm. Now, I know what you're thinking: "But the stalker's/G3's/Zanuka's drops are really rare as well!" And of course, you'd be right. Farming for their weapons super sucks, as does trying to farm for Scimitar parts. The difference, though, is that everything you can get from them (barring the stalker's vape body) can be obtained from the market if you're that desperate. You may also be thinking "What about the Ephemera from the Exploiter?" This is also an excellent point, as the ephemera has only a slightly higher drop rate than the mask. However, With the exploiter, you're also getting large amounts of standing for both Vox Solaris and Solaris United through the toroid and resource drops. Thus, you don't walk away more or less empty handed like you do with the Wolf. Of course, you do usually get a hammer part from the higher level assassination, but there's a point where you get so many hammers that you probably aren't going to be able to sell them all to actually get any benefit from them all, while a consistent stream of resources for fortuna gives you the opportunity to try out new kitgun combinations or grab any other goodies you want.

Now, if you're a bit of a skeptic like myself, you've probably wondered about the math. At a static 2% drop rate, after 300 runs just in this event, I should have a 99.766% chance to get a mask already. From here, we can come to two conclusions:

  1. I actually did get extremely unlucky and didn't have the mask drop once.


  1. I did have the mask drop at some point, but I didn't pick it up for one reason or another.

Starting with point 1, there isn't really much to say. It's very possible that I just had actually the worst luck.

Point 2, however, is where things get a bit frustrating. First off, the mask is not affected by Vacuum. When you consider that you're probably going to be bouncing around as much as possible to avoid the fire bombs, or when the Wolf himself decides to throw himself at a wall at warp speed, it's very possible that you could miss the pickup. Speaking of missing it, we have the pickup itself:
an unassuming little mask just floating in the air. (Side note, I can't remember who posted this picture. If that was you let me know so I can credit you here.) This is uh… Kind of absurd. It's small, it's a similar dull beige as the wall, and doesn't appear to have any kind of light beam to indicate that it's a drop. Honestly, it looks like a piece of debris bugged out and is just floating around.

So, that's all I have to whine about. What do I propose, you ask? Well, I think if we're going to have a lot of rng on a limited time event, why not borrow a system from another game that's heavily based in rng? Yugioh Duel Links has a system for its events where one of the common random rewards you can get is a currency that you can use at a limited time shop to straight up purchase one of the card drops you want. The rarest cards take a lot of the currency, but no matter how bad your luck is, you're still really likely to be able to get at least one copy of the card if you put in the effort.

I think a similar system would be excellent in Warframe. It's very similar to a system we already have (Vitus Essence and arbitrations), and would relieve a lot of the stress of relying just on rng itself. The system still has some issues, of course, but I do think it'd be a good step in the right direction.

That's all I've got to say, so what about all of you? Have your runs been good? Bad? Do you think the current system could use a sort of "safety net"?

TL;DR: Locking items behind a pseudo-limited time event and loads of rng feels awful for the player.

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