I havent heard about this game EVER, in its 7 years, till recently. No one talks about it, ever. Im in hard shock.

Warframe10 - I havent heard about this game EVER, in its 7 years, till recently. No one talks about it, ever. Im in hard shock.

Im writing as the ideas come to my mind, and I dont have the fluency either in English, so lets see…:

First of all, I'd like to say this is a GREAT game from what I've seen, I'm barely Mastery 5 with a Rhino armor since I began days ago, and slowly discovering, with the help of friendly players (Im in shock as to how friendly people are in chat, they wanna help me with my missions/questions often).

YET the thread is not about that, I'm really sorry.

I actually shocked, as to how I havent heard ANYTHING about this game EVER, in all its 7 years? (It was made in 2013, from what I've read?).

I have a tendency to talk to all kinds of people IRL, and regarding the ones who play videogames somewhat often, NOBODY ever talked to me about this, I swear. The Youtube channels I follow (Which are a lot) also, and so on…

How is this possible? Like, really?

I'm now spending the night/morning (Yeah, Quarantine, no schedule, no university classes, un-fortunately) searching for videos about Warframe, specially Reviews.

All Reviews say "People should talk about this game more". ALL so far that I have seen, have said a sentence like this.

Youtubers with millions of followers, begin their videos with the sentence "By all accounts, Warframe should be in the spotlight, but… its not".



The game has very very good quality, I should have heard about it at least once. No one I know, knows this game either (I live in Spain btw, for backround so you know).

Is it because of budget/money Or what?

Like, you know also, there are much worse games (Or even I dare say horrible, from an objective point), who are way more talked about…

Im googling a lot also, and there are divided opinions, but thats like many many games I've played, so its not wierd.

The typical "Developpers care a lot for their game", to "This game could be SO much more, it's saddening".

Anyway, I dont wanna lose the point:

Why this game isnt talked about more often? It has to do with advertising? The genre not being attractive, or what?

I thought I was the only thinking this, but I swear all the videos I'm watching, mention this briefly.

Edit: And the reason I'm now playing the game, is because I SPECIFICALLY asked for "Suggestions, of a PvE online shooter game, please?" in another Subreddit, and they answered "Try Warframe"… Otherwise, I probably wouldn't have heard still about this.

Since I was tired of PvP chaotic shooters kind of, I wanted something different, but inside the shooter genre.

Edit2: Correcting some grammar in the text and stuff.

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