I just hit max rank in the Conclave and had some thoughts I wanted to share.

Warframe7 - I just hit max rank in the Conclave and had some thoughts I wanted to share.

While leveling all my gear I spent a few days maxing out my Vent Kids standing while leveling my K-Drive and that left me with having only 1 faction unranked – the Conclave. This didn't set well with me so I decided to dive in and spend a few days righting this wrong.

*I've never experienced a worse community in Warframe. I play on PS4 and, generally speaking, everyone gets along fine. I've never seen much in the way of rude players and in the few instances I've seen someone be rude they've been trying to say something important, just in a less than kind way. In Conclave I was frequently tea-bagged, had people mocking weapons I was using for being too good or too bad, one guy questioned my Aura slot loadout for my PVE build because it was something that he could see. The trash-talking was real and out in full force.

*The rewards for leveling the faction are garbage. The last two ranks give you a choice of sigil for your rank reward.

*The rewards you can buy are overpriced. It would take 320,000 standing to buy the elite set of armor. Or 100 plat. I spent the plat and I want nothing else from here. Other than the Syandana which is 100k standing and, according to the description, only looks good if I continue to play PvP. This should have been the rank 5 reward.

*Matchmaking is garbage. More than once I was in a match with even teams where I was losing by 3-5 points and the game would add new players to the opposing team. More than once I'd be in a match where I was outnumbered by the opposing team and it would continue to add new players to the opposing team.

*The daily challenges are often impossible by virtue of the fact that they involve gameplay modes that nobody is playing or gameplay modes where people don't play in the way you need. I've never seen anyone pass in Lunaro. I've only ever seen 1 player in Cephalon capture and they left when they started to lose.

*The favor gain is too slow unless you're completing challenges. A match takes ten minutes and unless you're getting a lot of kills you're only going to get 1-2k standing in a match. If you get a lot of kills maybe you'll get 5-6k but that's unlikely unless you're really good at the game or in a favorable matchup.

*Certain powers/weapons are good and everything else is balls. I never knew what was killing me half the time but I eventually learned what to look for and started emulating it. Once I stopped doing anything I wanted to do and started spamming the Staticor I started doing better.


*Sometimes nobody is playing Conclave. I'd finish a mission and go to Conclave, then attempt to connect to each game mode. If it didn't find any games I'd move on and try again later. Once or twice I'd let the game load me in and just wait for someone to connect to me. It only ever worked once.

*Conclave gameplay is slow and boring. I feel like I'm playing Warframe in Molasses. Beyond just the slow movement of the game type the game is a lag fest. You don't hit things you obviously hit and you die to people who you don't see.

*Every match revolves around 1 player. Whether it's a free for all or a team match there is almost always going to be 1 person that is just better than everyone else and completely dominating the game. If you are against this person you have lost and if you are on their team you win. Some people are sickeningly good at this game mode.

*You can watch peoples spirits break in real time. You'll see someone join a match, obviously new(er) to Conclave and do poorly for 3-5 minutes before disconnecting. Who wouldn't? They're being killed 3 times a minute and tea-bagged by people with better equipment than them while there's nothing they can do.

*People who play Conclave are desperate for more players. If I left after getting my daily rep or getting frustrated I'd get invites from people to come back for up to an hour later. Even if it was someone I was stomping – they'd want me to come back and finish stomping them because without other players there is no game.

*Warframe is full of content that feels like it's about 90% amazing and 10% incomplete. Conclave falls short of this metric by close to 90%. I don't understand how this game mode can continue to be allowed to exist without being fixed. At the very least the ability to get to it should be hidden away – it's so bad that it shouldn't be presented front and center on the ship. I can only imagine what a horrid experience this is for new players who start a Conclave match without knowing what they're getting themselves into.

*If you're thinking about getting into Conclave… don't.

That concludes my ranty rant of my Conclave experiences.

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